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INSTRUCTIONS: You will be asked to spell 50 states of the United States correctly given the images of the state and a map of the United States. First, Enter your first name then follow your first name with your teacher's name but only enter your teacher's E-Mail address above. (If your are an elementary student 3rd, 4th or 5th grade, Please enter your first name followed by your teacher's name and her/his email. DO NOT enter your email address! Never Give strangers your email address! If you do not know the email address of your teacher, then enter the amail address of your parent.) Then press the 'Start Quiz' button to begin. The map of the state will appear in the the picture frame on the left. In the right picture frame the map of the United States shows the state in a different color for its location in the country. You should note the state's flag on the state map located in the picture frame. When you have completed the 50 state spelling task, your score and all your mis-spellings will be sent automatcally to the author of this program when you press the SUBMIT button. You may quit at anytime and partailly submit your results to this college teacher who teaches teachers. This college teacher, John Taylor, (Professor at Florida Community College of Jacksonville (FCCJ); Jacksonville, Florida) will reply to the email which sends your parent or your teacher your practice results. If you need to review your states, under the answer input box are buttons to animate the states and their spellings. However, it will void your test, and you will have to hit the start button again to start over.

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Question: Spell the name of the state shown above:

Map of North America

Some Graphic Images courtsey of University of Oregon-Law School Web Site:
Map Images courtsey of Virtual Tourist Web Site:
Some Graphic Images created or modified by John Taylor of FCCJ's North Campus