CHM 1025C/CHM 1032C                                 Name: ____________________


Analysis of Alka-Seltzer Lab Pre-Lab Calculation


A. Balance Reaction:


NaHCO3(aq)   +   C6H8O7(aq)   ------>    H2O(l)  +   CO2(g) +   Na3C6H5O7(aq)


Show dimensional Analysis Sequence:


B. Find the Limiting the Limiting Reagent:


1. _____?_____ MOLESNaHCO3 = 1916 mgNaHCO





2.______?____  MOLES C6H8O7 = 1000 mg C6H8O7







3a: Theoretical moles of Citric Acid need if all the moles of Sodium Bicarbonate reacts:





3c. Which ingredient Limits the Reaction:   NaHCO3     or   C6H8O7    Circle the correct







4. Theoretical Grams of CO2 that can be produced from the Limiting Reagent:

(Mole-Mass Problem)