Part B: Qualitative Analysis Anion Pre-Lab Report


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Write and balance the Ion Exchange Reactions for the following steps in Part B: Use you Solubility Chart to predict the precipitates.

Step #16:

Calcium Nitrate (aq) + Sodium Biphosphate (aq)







Calcium Nitrate (aq) + Sodium Carbonate (aq) →






Step #19:

Calcium Carbonate (s) + Hydrochloric Acid (aq)







Calcium Biphospahte (aq) + Ammonium Molybdate (aq)



Actual Equation is a REDOX. The acid converts biphosphate ion to dihydrogen phosphate which undergoes the following change:


H2PO41- + 12 MoO42- + 22 H3O1+ + 3 NH4 1+ <==> (NH4)3PO412MoO4 + 34 H2O



Barium Nitrate (aq) + Sodium Sulfate (aq)







Sodium Chloride (aq) + Silver Nitrate (aq)






Sodium Iodide (aq) + Silver Nitrate (aq)