CHM 1025C/CHM 1032C Experiment#8


NAME______________________________________   DATE____________________


Determining a Mole Ratio: Hydrate Analysis Data Page


Data To Be Collected: 

                                      Chemical Formula of Hydrate:______________


(1) Mass of clean, dried crucible & cover (desktop balance):             ______________g


(1a) Mass of clean dried crucible & cover (Top Loading 0.001g):      ______________g


(2)  Empty Crucible & Cover after first heating (Top Loader 0.001g): ______________g


(2a) Empty Crucible & Cover after first heating (Analytical 0.0001g): ______________g


(3) Empty Crucible & Cover after second heating:                              ______________g

Additional Heating if necessary:

(3a) Empty Crucible & Cover after third heating:    ______________g

(3b) Empty Crucible & Cover after fourth heating:  ______________g

(3c) Empty Crucible & Cover after fifth heating:     ______________g


(4) Constant Mass of Crucible & Cover:                                              ______________g


(5)   Mass of Hydrate, Crucible & Cover (before heating):                   ______________g

(5a) Mass of Hydrate:         ______________(g) (Line#5-Line4)


(6)   Mass of Crucible, Cover, & Contents after 1st heating:                ______________g


(6a) Mass of Crucible, Cover, & Contents after 2nd  heating:               ______________g

Additional Heating if necessary:

(6b) Mass of Crucible, Cover, & Contents after 3rd  heating:               ______________g

(6c) Mass of Crucible, Cover, & Contents after 4th  heating:               ______________g


(7) Constant Mass of Crucible, Cover & Anhydrate:                            ______________g



(8)   Molar Mass of Anhydrate:                 ______________g/mole


(9)   Mass of Anhydrate (Line#7-Line4):       ______________grams


(10) Moles of Anhydrate (Line#9/Line8):       ______________moles


(11)   Molar Mass of Water:                       ______________g/mole


(12)   Mass of Water (Line#5-Line7):             ______________grams


(13)   Moles of Water (Line#12/Line11):         ______________moles


Mole Ratio: ________ mole H2O    to    1.00 mole anhydrate  (Line#13 Line10)


Formula of Hydrate: _________________________              Instructor OK: ______


Per Cent Water in Hydrate:  _____________% [(Line#12/Line5a) X 100]  Grade: _____(15)