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CHM 1025C
CHM 1032C
CHM 2045C
CHM 2046C
CHM 2205C
CHM 2210C
CHM 2211C
Spring 2009
CHM 1025C
CHM 1032C
Summer/Fall 2009
CHM 2045C
Spring 2010
CHM 2046C
see CHM 1025C/CHM 1032C Below

NFPA Chemical labeling System

  Project Background:  

   For many years, FCCJ's North Campus had fewer than 10 chemistry course offerings per major term and several of them were the non-lab CHM 1020 course. North Campus's main offerings were the allied health chemistry support courses CHM 1025C and CHM 1032C. Prior to 2007, these two courses and CHM 1020 served as the course allied health students needed. During 2007 CHM 1020 was removed as a prerequiste to Microbiology and a chemistry with a lab became required.

   Along with FCCJ becoming a four year institution and a new four year Bachelor's program in Nursing, the demand for chemistry has doubled with nearly 20 sections per term. The chemistry faculty has expanded from one fulltime faculty to three. The number of adjuncts has tripled. All eight courses in the FCCJ chemistry curriculum have been offered in the last two years. This has created a chaotic condition in the lab. Before every faculty member did her/his own thing for lab. Fall 2008 had six of the eight courses offered with 19 total sections. Spring 2009 again six different courses were being taught.

Safety is our Number One Concern!


n the Fall 2008, Dr Melanie Ferren, Associate Deam of Liberal Arts, at the request of the fulltime chemistry faculty supported and implemented 'One chemistry course - One textbook for North Campus' removing the three or four different books being used in a single course each term when multiple sections of the same course were being offered. This change began Spring Term 2009. Even one section of CHM 2046C Fall 2008 term had students with four different texts the first week of the term. Also agreed by the faculty, the campus would use the same textbook for a two semester sequence, CHM 2045C-CHM2046C or CHM 2210C-CHM 2211C.

   The next step to eliminate the chaosis is to implement "One Course-One Lab Experience per Week". Because of the small chemistry facility, the lack of chemicals, equipment, and glassware this project will not be solved in one term. A two year project began Spring Term 2009. The fulltime faculty and the Lab Supervisor are writing common lab manuals for CHM 1025C and CHM 1032C. Two biology faculty and two allied health faculty are reviewing each week the common handouts being used in five sections of lab per week. One common experiment is being field tested by two of the fulltime faculty. CHM 1025C and CHM 1032 C are using the same hands-on experience for the first eight to ten weeks of the term. The guidelines being used is the FCCJ Course Outline Model which spells out approximately 15 of 20 lab experiences for the course.

During the Summer 2009 and Fall 2009 Terms the experiments will be revised and asecond and third drafts will be issued the students each week. During the Summer and Fall 2009 terms the team will begin devising a common lab approach to CHM 2045C. In the Spring or Fall Terms 2010 CHM 2046C will be addressed. Over the two year funding cycles chemicals, glassware, and equipment will be requested to facilitate these common experiences.

The FCCJ North Campus Chemistry Laboratory Team Members:
Chemistry Faculty: Science Lab Supervisor: Biology Faculty:
Dr. Joseph Langat Dr. Kathlene Laurenzo Dr. Paula Thompson
Professor John Taylor   Professor Barbi Baker
Allied Health Faculty: Additional Reviewers: Administrative Supervisor:
Professor Rhoda Yost Dr. Stephen Lukacs Dr. Dana Thomas
Professor Peter Mullen Dr. Vandon White  

FCCJ North Campus Chemistry Schedules

Spring 2008 Chemistry Schedule
Summer 2008 Chemistry Schedule
Fall   2008 Chemistry Schedule
Spring 2009 Chemistry Schedule
Summer 2009 Chemistry Schedule
Fall   2009 Chemistry Schedule
Spring 2010 Chemistry Schedule
Summer 2010 Chemistry Schedule
(Proposed) Fall   2010 Chemistry Schedule

Suggested Chemistry Laboratory D-204 Defined Lab Periods
Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
to 11:00 a.m.
2/3 Hr Lab
Period 1
2/3 Hr Lab
Period 2
2/3 Hr Lab
Period 3
2/3 Hr Lab
Period 4
2/3 Hr Lab
Period 13
2/3 Hr Lab
Period 15
11:00-11:15 a.m. Break Break Break Break Break Break
11:15 to 1:15 p.m. 2 Hr Lab
Period 5
2 Hr Lab
Period 6
2 Hr Lab
Period 7
2 Hr Lab
Period 8
2/3 Hr Lab
Period 14
2/3 Hr Lab
Period 16
1:15-1:30 p.m. Break Break Break Break
1:30 to
3:30/4:30 p.m.
2/3 Hr Lab
Period 9
2/3 Hr Lab
Period 10
2/3 Hr Lab
Period 11
2/3 Hr Lab
Period 12
4:30-5:00 p.m. Break Break Break Break Break
5:00-7:00 p.m. 2 Hr Lab
Evening 1
2 Hr Lab
Evening 2
2 Hr Lab
Evening 3
2 Hr Lab
Evening 4
2/3 Hr Lab
Evening 9
7:00-7:15 p.m. Break Break Break Break
7:15 to
9:15/10:15 p.m..
2/3 Hr Lab
Evening 5
2/3 Hr Lab
Evening 6
2/3 Hr Lab
Evening 7
2/3 Hr Lab
Evening 8

Spring 2010 CHM 1025C/CHM 1032C Lab Experiments

Experiment#1: Safety and Orientation  .doc file
Experiment#2: Scientific Method  .doc file
Experiment#3: Measurement  .doc file
Experiment#3 Sample Data Page  .doc file
Experiment#4: Density  .doc file
Experiment#4: Density Data Page  .doc file
Experiment#5: Graphing Data  .doc file
Experiment#6: Atomic Spectra Lab  .doc file
Experiment#6: Dot Structure Lab  .doc file
Experiment#6: Dot Structure Date Page
                        .doc file
Experiment#6: Nomenclature Grading Form
                        .doc file
Experiment#7: Chemical/Physical Properties
                        .doc file
Experiment#8: Hydrate Analysis  .doc file
Experiment#8: Hydrate Data Sheet  .doc file
Experiment#9: Cation Analysis  .doc file
Experiment#9: Cation Prelab Report  .doc file
Experiment#9: Cation Data Page  .doc file
Experiment#9: Cation Post Lab Report .doc file
Experiment#10: Anion Analysis .doc file
Experiment#10: Anions Pre-Lab Report  .doc
Experiment#10: Anions-Data Page   .doc file
Experiment#10: Anions Post Lab Report   .doc
Experiment#11: Electric Car Video  .doc
Experiment#12: Alka Seltzer Analysis  .doc
Experiment#12: AlkaSeltzer Prelab Report  .doc
Experiment#12: Appendix A: AlkaSeltzer   .doc
Experiment#13: REDOX Contest  .doc
Experiment#13: REDOX Pre/Post Report  .doc
Experiment#14: Synthesis of Aspirin  .doc
Experiment#15: Organic Isomers

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