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Spring 2009
CHM 1025C
CHM 1032C
Summer/Fall 2009
CHM 2045C
Spring 2010
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  General Information and Listing of Experiments:  

The district course outline has the following lists of labs. We will do at least 10 “wet” or “hands-on” labs and no more than 15 total experiences from the list below. No lab manual has been selected, but weekly handouts will be distributed either in hard copy or as an electronic download.

   There are no make-ups for missed labs. Via Special permission a student who has to be absent may do the required week’s lab during one of the other scheduled lab sessions of either Professor Taylor or Professor Langat. Upon Special permission a student may be assigned to do an outside class library/research project to fulfill that week’s lab experience..

Sometimes the lab will be to show a couple of the films and write a paper analysis of the video during weeks of the term there is a school holiday. This final grade in the course will be adjusted to 20% of the total points in the final grade calculation.

Safety is our Number One Concern!


ll students must watch the ACS Laboratory Safety Film and Read a list of Safety Rules provided by the Instructor. All students must sign FCCJ North Campus Laboratyry Safety Agreement before any actual work may be complete in the Chemistry Lab: D-204. All students must keep a laboratory Notebook as dprescribed or required by the Instructor. The professor must choose any 4 of the below five experiment catagories to satisfy course requirements.

  1. Laboratory Safety/Introduction to Chemical Equipment, Laboratory Notebook (Week One)
  2. Introduction to Laboratory Measurements (Week Three)
  3. Density (Week Four)
  4. Physical and Chemical Properties/Changes (Week Five)
  5. Characteristics of Elements/Compounds

    DVD Cover to The Andromeda Strain Movie-Original 1971 Version During the Spring 2009 Term, Week Two has a Monday School Holiday, Martin Luther King Say. The students will watch the movie: The Andromedia Strain during the lab time scheduled Tuesday-Friday. Monday Lab students will have optional times they may watch the film, or will check the film out to complete the project as described in the syllabus and on the Experiment Site of CHM 1025C. During the Fall Term 2009, the second week has a Monday holiday: Labor Day, and that week's lab work will again be this film centered on the Controlled Experimental.

    The NFPA Labeling Details
  6. Periodic Table Concepts
  7. Bonding/Dot Structures (Model Building)
  8. Mole Concept/Empirical Formula
  9. Single Replacement Reactions
  10. Stoichiometry
  11. Gas Laws
  12. Molar Volume of a Gas
  13. Molar Mass of a Gas
  14. Solutions
  15. Acid-Base Titration
  16. Analysis of an Antacid Tablet
  17. Rates of Reaction
  18. Calorimetry/Specific Heat
  19. Hydrates
  20. Equilibrium and Le Chatelier's Principle
  21. Spectroscopy

The professor will choose eleven activities (#6 through #21) to complete the laboratory requirement for 15 two hour labs or a total of 30 hours of laboiratory activity.

The FCCJ North Campus Chemistry Laboratory Team Members:
Chemistry Faculty: Science Lab Supervisor: Biology Faculty:
Dr. Joseph Langat Dr. Kathlene Laurenzo Dr. Paula Thompson
Professor John Taylor   Professor Barbi Baker
Allied Health Faculty: Additional Reviewers: Administrative Supervisor:
Professor Rhoda Yost Dr. Stephen Lukacs Dr. Dana Thomas
Professor Peter Mullen Dr. Vandon White  

FCCJ North Campus Chemistry Schedules

Spring 2008 Chemistry Schedule
Summer 2008 Chemistry Schedule
Fall   2008 Chemistry Schedule
Spring 2009 Chemistry Schedule
Summer 2009 Chemistry Schedule
Fall   2009 Chemistry Schedule
Spring 2010 Chemistry Schedule
Summer 2010 Chemistry Schedule
Fall   2010 Chemistry Schedule

Suggested Chemistry Laboratory D-204 Defined Lab Periods
Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
to 11:00 a.m.
2/3 Hr Lab
Period 1
2/3 Hr Lab
Period 2
2/3 Hr Lab
Period 3
2/3 Hr Lab
Period 4
2/3 Hr Lab
Period 13
2/3 Hr Lab
Period 15
11:00-11:15 a.m. Break Break Break Break Break Break
11:15 to 1:15 p.m. 2 Hr Lab
Period 5
2 Hr Lab
Period 6
2 Hr Lab
Period 7
2 Hr Lab
Period 8
2/3 Hr Lab
Period 14
2/3 Hr Lab
Period 16
1:15-1:30 p.m. Break Break Break Break
1:30 to
3:30/4:30 p.m.
2/3 Hr Lab
Period 9
2/3 Hr Lab
Period 10
2/3 Hr Lab
Period 11
2/3 Hr Lab
Period 12
4:30-5:00 p.m. Break Break Break Break Break
5:00-7:00 p.m. 2 Hr Lab
Evening 1
2 Hr Lab
Evening 2
2 Hr Lab
Evening 3
2 Hr Lab
Evening 4
2/3 Hr Lab
Evening 9
7:00-7:15 p.m. Break Break Break Break
7:15 to
9:15/10:15 p.m..
2/3 Hr Lab
Evening 5
2/3 Hr Lab
Evening 6
2/3 Hr Lab
Evening 7
2/3 Hr Lab
Evening 8

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