The Polyatomic Ion Problem!

Knowing dot structures (Using only the Octet Rule) of polyatomic ions (Corwin Chapter 12 section 12.5), and some keen observations you can boil it down to six questions to determine the formula and the charge on a polyatomic ion :

1.   What is the formula for the –ate polyatomic ion?

2.   What is the charge on –ate polyatomic ion?

3.   What happens when you attach hydrogen atom(s) to the polyatomic 2- and 3- anions?

4.  What does ite mean in a polyatomic ion?

5.   How do the hypo- and per- prefixes apply to polyatomic ions?

6.   What are the two ide polyatomic negative charged Anions and the two -ium positive charged polyatomic Cations?