REDOX Chemistry Challenge Contest

207th 2YC3 Conference

Florida State College @ Jacksonville

North Campus

October 10, 2014

2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Rooms: A286 and E235


Four Divisions:


High School Students (E235)

High School Teachers (A286)

College Students (E235)

College Faculty (A286)



1.   Each contestant will receive a packet of 50-70 equations

on 50-70 separate colored paper:

a.   There will be 20 Pink sheets: 20 Net Ionic Acidic Media Equations (1 point each)

b.   There will be 15 Blue sheets: 15 Net Ionic Basic Media Equations (1 point each)

c.   There will be 10 Yellow sheets: 10 Total Molecular Acidic Media Equations (2 points Each)

d.   There will be 7 Green Sheets: 7 Total Molecular Basic Media Equations (2 points Each)

e.   There will be 3 Gray Sheets: 3 Total Molecular Neutral Equations (2 points Each)

f.     There will be 10 Total Molecular Advanced/Complex Equations worth 3-10 points each

g.   The above mix of papers in the packets may be changed by the Contest Officials and the above is an estimate of the contents on each packet.


2.   No Electronic Devices (computers/smart phones etc) may be used.


3.   Answers must be clearly shown on the bottom of the page.


4.   The Division Winners will be those that accumulate the most points with exact correct answers during the 2 hour time limit.


5.   Pages may be completed in any order or combination,  meaning each contestant may skip around to accumulate the most points.


6.   There is no entry fee, but contestants are requested to preregister before October 9th, but must be registered no later than 9:00 am October 10, 2014 to compete at 2:00 p.m.


7.   High School Students;  High School Teachers;  and College Students must register and may attend the 207th 2YC3 Conference Activities during October 10-11, 2014 but registration fees are waived and  membership in 2YC3 is also not required*.


8.   College Chemistry Faculty are required to be registered for the conference and pay all registration and 2YC3 membership fees in order to compete.  Other college faculty will register (no fees) but are treated as quests*. Vendors/Sponsors/Exhibitors at the 207th are also invited to compete as quests*.


9.   Winners will be announced at the Friday Night Banquet Dinner and will be posted on the score boards in E235 on Saturday October 11th. Contestants may pick up their graded packets on Saturday October 11th. Only the first, second, and third place winners in each division will be posted along with their scores in E235 on Saturday. Completed graded packets are confidential and no score that is not 1st, 2nd, or 3rd winner will not be disclosed.




10.   The 1st winner of each division will be awarded gold metal and a plaque. Duplicate plaques will be awarded to the school the contestant represents).


11.   The second and third place winners will be awarded the Silver and Bronze metals plus certificates for each and their school. 


12.   There is no limit to the number of participants from any school.


13.   The contest officials are: Dr Kathleen Laurenzo; Dr Joseph Langat, Dr. Mike Reynolds, and Professor John Taylor.


*However, Lunches October 10-11 and the Banquet Dinner (October 10) fees are required to be prepaid at the time of registration and are not free to attend.