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  The Little Rock 9 Foundation (Read LR9 Bios)

  Meet the Little Rock 9 as they were in 1957

  Nine from Little Rock - 1964
        (restored)(U-Tube)(Jefferson Thomas Remembers)

   The Remarkable Story of the Battle to Integrate Little Rock's Central High School
  (U-Tube) Interview with Melba Patello (1994)

  50 Years Since Little Rock Nine,
  New HBO Documentary Tells the Story of a Defining Civil Rights Struggle
  9/20/2007 Watch the Video by clicking the link in the middle column

  The Ernest Green Story 1994 Disney Movie

  The Little Rock Nine From Wikipedia
  Little Rock Nine U-Tube

  Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site
         Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture

  Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site

  Little Rock's 'Lost Class' of 1959-The Story
        Reprint from the Arkansas Gazette Newspaper

  Lessons From Little Rock-Terrane Roberts

  A Mighty Long Way -Carlotta Walls LaNier

  Finding the Lost Year: Afterward

  Blindsided by History
  (Sports Illustrated football team story)
  Reprint from Sports Illustrated (download .doc file)

  Little Rock Central High School Web Site

   Little Rock Nine Videos (U-Tube)

  The Little Rock Nine Forgive Their Tormentors
      TV Guide's Top 25 | Oprah Winfrey Network
  The Little Rock Nine Remember the First Day of Desegregation
     | The Oprah Winfrey Show
  One Man's Remorse for Ridiculing the Little Rock Nine
     The Oprah Winfrey Show
  The Little Rock 9 on Oprah
  Little Rock Nine Documentary
  The Little Rock 9 - Arkansas 1957
  Little Rock- School Integration
  NLCP Civil Rights - Little Rock Nine Eyes on the Prize
  Little Rock 9
  Eyes On The Prize - (Part 2) Fighting Back 1957–1962
  Little Rock Nine History Project Documentary
  The PBS News Hour The Little Rock Nine Fifty Years Later

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Hollywood Movie Cover: Crisis at Central High

   52 Years Later (2009)

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Lost Class Panel-Clinton School-April 26, 2009
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Lost Class Panel-Clinton School-April 26, 2009
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  LRCHS Museum: Mike Wallace Remembers (mp4 file)
  LRCHS Museum: Mike Wallace Remembers (wmv file)

  1st Take:   Mike Wallace Interview of Ralph Brodie (wmv-windows only)
  1st Take:   Mike Wallace Interview of Ralph Brodie with Titles (mp4)
  2nd Take:   Mike Wallace Interview of Ralph Brodie (wmv-file)
  Ralph Comments:   Mike Wallace's Archives (mp4)
  Ralph Comments:   Mike Wallace's Archives (wmv file)

  Ralph Compares:   Old Mobile Station Museum to New Center (mp4)
  Ralph Compares:   Old Mobile Station Museum to New Center (wmv file)

  50th Class Reunion of 'Lost Class" (Video not posted yet)

I am available to make any of the following one hour presentations:

    Black History Presenations
  1. Volume 1: Little Rock-55 Years Later: Crisis at Central High (2008)
  2. Volume 2: Little Rock-The Rest of the Story 50 Years Later (2009)
  3. Volume 3:
  4. Little Rock-53 Years Later-Some Additional Stories (2010)
  5. Volume 4: Little Rock-54 Years Later Some Additional Stories (2011)
  6. Volume 5: Little Rock-55 Years Later More Additional Stories (2012)
  7. Volume 6:
  8. Prequel to the Little Rock Nine: Thurgood Marshall and Brown v Board of Education(2013)
  9. Volume 7:
  10. Sequel to the Little Rock Nine: With All Deliberate Speed (2014))
  11. The Tuskegee Airmen Talk @ North Campus (Nov 13, 2012)
  12. The Hispanic Baseball Playersin the Negro Baseball Leagues Talk @ North campus(Oct 9, 2012)
  13. Thurgood Marshall Talk @ North Campus (Feb 20, 2013)

John Taylor states: "When you lose your health, you understand what you have taken for granted. When they take school from you, you realize the value of education, that education is a privilege and should not be taken for granted or wasted."

My Story

       The weekend of August 31, 1957 my father was driving me from Alexandria, Louisiana (our home 1954-1957) to our new home in Little Rock, Arkansas.   I was registered to begin school on September 3 as a junior at Little Rock Central High School.   I knew not what this year would do to the rest of my life.   This year is one that is documented in the history books.   We had no idea the turmoil that would follow in our new city.   You can click on the hyperlinks above and on the right and the left to see, read, hear, and watch documents about the desgregation crisis.   Below is a sample photo, which shows what had to be done to protect the Little Rock Nine later that month:

chsentry.jpg (20549 bytes)

photo from SBJC archive

    However, I was in the band (can you find me in photo of half the band), played at all the games (the football team had another perfect season), won the state science fair in chemistry (but because of Sputnik was runnerup to represent the state in the National Science Fair of 1958-the grand prize winner was the physics student who built small rockets).   You can turn back the clock to 1957-58 by watching the Hollywood Movie "October Sky" about the kids who won the Natioanal Science Fair that year.
     When I was in Louisiana in 1956-57, I won the state science fair in Earth Science as a 10th grader. Louisiana sent only 4 of the 8 divisional winners to the national (not Earth Science). So I win Chemistry in the 11th grade, but Arkansas was a much poorer state than Louisiana and they sent on two winners: one biological science and one physical science winner that year. They told me if I won in 1958-1959 as a senior it would be my turn. Tell that to a 16 year old. You can not imagine my dispointment. But maybe I would be at the Nationals in 1959 and earn a good scholarahip to a good school. But there was no 1958-59 school year. See the stories of the "Lost Class of '59". At the 50th reunion, I learned more about the power of local politics touching the public schools and how insiders have a super advantage over an outsider like me in 1958-59. Ask me about what happen in the science fairs of 1959.
    Below is a photo of half the Central High Band in 1957-58. Can you find me?

chsband58.jpg (27093 bytes)
photo from 1958 PIX (LRCHS annual)

    Below is another page from the PIX (LRCHS Annual).   It shows some of the photos not included at the Web sites noted above as the pictures where taken by the yearbook staff and not part of the national press.
    I still have the 1958 PIX.  When you go a national museum (next to LRCHS) and see a copy of the PIX, it is a very erie feeling. In my presentations I tell another story about my PIX. Ask me, if you are interested.
    The last few days of the school years (May 1958), after the final exams, in addition to distributing the year books, the junior were given their senior rings for 1958-1959. This ring is very-very important to me. I never got to have that senior year. It is a senior ring for a class that never happened. When I married my wife in 1983, I gave her the ring to wear and be my sweetheart for the rest of my life. Again, go to the National Parks Museum, and that ring is in a show case. Again the very erie feeling and also the realization that I was part of the history book.
    Author, Dr Sandra Gordy, devoted two pages of her book the lost class of '59 to telling my story in the Afterward which I am honored, but never have felt I have been a great success, just a teacher, just a public servant helping others to succeed to achieve their dreams. That is my satisfaction in life. (You can read those two pages above by clicking on the Afterward Link.)

chs57.JPG (30959 bytes)
photo from 1958 PIX (LRCHS annual)

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