Favorite Sites

Some of my favorite sites on the World Wide Web are many:

  1. CBS Mystery Theater Web Site-Lister to All Shows
  2. John Taylor's CBS Mystery Theater Web Site:
  3. Listen to Season 1-1974:
  4. John Taylor's Mr. Novak Web Site:
  5. How Hollywood Treats the Classroom:
  6. Play Video Clips fro, Classroom According Hollywood:
  7. Online Sample CLAST Math tests:
  8. Online Geography Quiz:
    States of the United Ststes
  9. Comsumer Warrior: Clark Howard
  10. When Radio Was Greg Bell Host
  11. Greg Bell Media Home Page
  12. Purchase Old Time Radio: Radio Spirits
  13. Radio Hall of Fame
  14. Radio hall of Fame Purhases
  15. Star Trek Production Information
  16. Dr Lorraine Day's Battle with Cancer
  17. How about Dr Laura?
  18. United States Flags
  19. Coast to Coast Radio-George Noory
  20. Coast to Coast Radio in Florida
  21. Art Bell is back! As of-Fall 2003 on Weekends
  22. Sample of on-line Real Data: San Diago Freeway Traffic Speeds
  23. Visit Sheila's Ryans Ye-Mystic Pirate Crew of the Samual Bellamy
  24. Turbo Hal Web Site:
  25. Interactive Turbo Hal:
  26. Al Faukenstein's Logic Rally:
  27. Wife Earns 1999 Florida Section MAA Award for Distinguished College Teachers of Mathematics
  28. Three Letters from Teddy-Elizabeth Silance Ballard
  29. Paul Harvey reads the Three Letters from Teddy
  30. WOW Academy-Webmaster Certification:
  31. Tower of Hanoi-Javascipt Math Games:
  32. Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors-UTube
  33. Hamster Dance on U-tube:
  34. The Original Hamster Dance Song;
  35. Pupies for Sale with Jack Lemon:

Search Engines

1. Goggle:Worldwide #1 Search engine
1.6 billion users per month

Search Goggle for:

2. Excellent Search engine for video:
Microsoft's Bing

Search Yahoo for: (not working)

Yahoo Search Engine: https://www.yahoo.com/

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