One of My Favorite Teachers

Miss Emily Penton

Miss Emily Penton

I often ask my education technology students to write an essay about their favorite and worst teachers they have encountered. Through out my 69 years that I have been in school or been a part of a school, I have come across many spectacular teachers, those whom I wish to emulate or achieve their success in the classroom. By far one of the best chemistry teachers is my colleague, Mr. Charles (Chuck) Sodorff at HCC. And then there was my first grade teacher, Miss Madge A. Thomas, who was my first love outside my mother and inspired me to be my best. After Miss Thomas there were many special teachers over the next 11 years of public education.

However, there was my 11th grade America History teacher who left a great impression. She scared me to death, her tests were tough-oral, and she demanded nothing but respect. And she got it! She never used the blackboard, she never had a written test paper, never used an overhead, nor a movie film. She would tell you the story of America. She could stare at you and you crawled into the corner, if you didn't focus. But she had a magic that I have never seen before nor since. When the schools closed and Little Rock tried to bridge the closing with TV school, who gave the 11th grade America History class? Miss Emily, of course! When the Supreme Court force the schools off TV in the second week, the people of Arkansas responded in mass to the TV station wanting Miss Emily to continue the story of how America came to be. So every morning for nine months for many years Miss Emily went to the TV station for "Good Morning with Miss Emily" at 6 a.m. and she told the story over and over with her eyes and facial expressions. The talking head that hypnotized you! That mesmerized you! She belongs to the Hall of Fame of Teachers.

    I will continue this later with more about some of the other outstanding teachers who have had a positive impact on my life.

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