The '70s Instructor


   Below is an early 1970s photo of John Taylor teaching chemistry at HCC.     Notice the mustache and long hair of the times.

HCC's First Chemistry Instructor (1969)

Dale Mabry Campus

Taylor16b.jpg (7689 bytes)      I only regret that HCC destroyed the masters to my chemistry video tape series, which were done in the original HCC studio in the Spring of 1971 at Dale Mabry Campus Mall.
     The tapes were old reel to reel and then made into 1" cassettes which by the 1980s were so worn out from thousands of users that they needed to be replaced, but the AV technician threw them out without asking anyone after he was fired... Six instructors at HCC lost all their video tape series made at HCC studios.
      I spent my entire spring break of 1970 (36 hours) creating 9 video tapes for then CHM 1015 (now CHM 1025C). Also some 20 hours were spent creating the graphics for the TV shoots. Each take was start to finish (30 minutes) and had to be done over and over as I was working without a script on a single take as there was no editing equipment to for 1 inch real to real.
    Although I would love to turn back the clock to 1970 and watch me teach, today a friend of mine, John Suchocki, has made over 180 short 2-10 minute videos for the Internet. The URL to go to his Video tapes:

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