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      During the 1960s, I was a serious scratch bowler, won a bunch of trophies, not too much money, but was only a low-level semi-pro by 1968.  So I wrote  about bowling to be next to the pros from 1962 to 1981. I coached collegiate bowling from 1967 to 1981 to give the 'kids' the chance I never had in college.    Below is a photo, 1970 vintage,  taken at the ABC National Championships:

A 'wanta be'

but really:  'a never was'

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    Member of the Bowling Writers Association of America 1962-1983.  Bowling editor of the Arkansas Gazette from 1962-1970.

    Founder of the South Central Intercollegiate Bowling Conference in 1967, which spun off into the Southern Intercollegiate Bowling Conference in 1968.  Coach bowling at Westark Community College from 1967 to 1969. Coached bowling at HCC from 1969-1982. Director of the S.I.B.C. from 1970 to 1982 with HCC's bowling program producing many collegiate bowling records.

   Member of Snappy Service Drive In bowling team which won the Little K City T chapionship in 1967 (@ Midway Lanes). Won the City All Events Title in Tampa in 1971 and also City Doubles Chapionship with partner Joe Kaminski in 1971 (@ Alamo Lanes). The sanctioned 289 was the highest game bowled in competition in Arkansas in 1969. Averaged 191 in 1968-69 @ Forth Smith Arkansas. Averaged 191 in 1970-71 in Tampa, Florida. Quit competition bowling in 1982 to concentrate on going back to school

High Sanctioned Game: 289  Best series: 734

Most strikes in a row in competition: 17 (closed with 8 , started with 9 for a 279), before the days of synthetic finishes and light wood.

Below (before the long hair) is my photo at the 1967 A.B.C. Championships in Miami, Florida:      Gosh was I that serious?

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