Chapter 1 Images

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Chapter 1 Figure Images
Scientific Method  
Figure 1.1: Evaporating Water  
Molecular Model of Diamonds  
Figure 1.2: Chemistry-The Central Science  
Figure 1.3: Astronaut-John Young  
Figure 1.4: Copper and Sulfur  
Figure 1.5: Solid, Liquid, and Gas  
Figure 1.6: Hill-Matter Chart  
Figure 1.7: Metric Units of Measure  
Comparison of Very Large and Very Small Objects  
Area Units  
Bulk Gold (Yellow) vs Nanogold (Red)  
Density of Copper-Top Loading Balance  
Figure 1.8: Density of Water: Sinking Objects vs Floatring ObjectsA  
Figure 1.9: Comparison of Thermometers  

Chapter 1 Tables 
Table 1.1: Some Examples of Physical Properties  
Table 1.2: Some Examples of Chemical Properties  
Table 1.3: Some Elements with Sybols Derived from Latin Names  
Table 1.4: The Seven SI Units1  
Table 1.5: Approved Numerical Prefixes  
Table 1.6: Densities of Some Common Substances at Specific Temperatures