Chapter 2 Images

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Chapter 2 Figure Images

Figure 2.1 A Sandy Beach  
Figure 2.2 Democritius Imaged Atoms  
Figure 2.3: Greek View of Matter  
Figure 2.4: Conservation of Mass vs Chemical Change  
Figure 2.5: Malachite-Copper Carbonate  
Figure 2.6: Berzelius Experiment-Law of Definite Proportions  
Figure 2.7: Electrolysis of Water  
Figure 2.8: Law of Definite Proportions and Law of Conservation of Mass  
Figure 2.9: Law of Multiple Proportions  
Figure 2.10: Dalton's Element Symbols  
Atom Ratios: Example 2.2  
Figure 2.11: Mendelleev"s Original Periodic Table  
Periodic Table Box  
Problem 12 Graphic  

Chapter 2 Tables

  Table 2.1: The Law of Multiple Proportions  
Table 2.2: Properties of Germanium: Predicted and Observed