Chapter 3 Images

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Chapter 3 Figure Images

Figure 3.1: Electroilysis Apparatus  
Figure 3.2: Thompson's Apparatus  
Figure 3.3: Goildstein's Apparatus  
Figure 3.4: Millkin's Oil Drop Experiment  
Figure 3.5: Behavior of a Raioactive Rays in an Electric Field  
Figure 3.6: Rutherford's Gold Foil Experiment  
Figure 3.7: Atom Model of Rutherford's Experiment  
Figure 3.8: Three Isotopes of Hydrogen  
Figure 3.9: Flame Tests of Elements  
Figure 3.10a: Glass Prism  
Figure 3.10b: Rainbow in the Sky  
Figure 3.11: Line Spectra of Selected Elements  
Figure 3.12: Possible Electron Shifts  
Figure 3.13: Nuclear Aton via Bohr (Satellite Model)  
Figure 3.14: Charge Cloud Representations of Atomic Orbitals ( sand p orbitals)  
Figure 3.15: Electron Orbitals of Second Energy Level  
Figure 3.15-01: Spectrascopic Notation  
Figure 3.15-02: Spectrascopic Notation Meanings  
Figure 3.16: Electron Configuration-Order of Filling Diagram  
Figure 3.17: Valence Shell Electron Configuratiins and the Periodic Table  
Problem 82-Page 80 Locations on the Periodic Table  

Chapter 3 Tables

  Table 3.1: Types of Radioactivity  
Table 3.2: Substomic Particles  
Table 3.3: Electron Structures for the First 20 Elements