Project  23: Dr. Day Cancer Videos (5 Points) (Optional) Chapter 13/14


Suppose you or a relative comes down with cancer. What would you do? Cut It Out; Radiate It, or Take Chemo Therapy.


Watch what this Doctor did to cure herself of cancer:


The student will view at least two of Dr. Day’s videos (check these video out from me):

1. You Can Not Improve on God!

2. Seeing Through The Maze of Alternative Medicine:
 What works, What Doesn’t and Why
! (Video#2)


There are also six other videos you could watch including (I have them all):

Cancer Doesn’t Scare Me Anymore!  (Video #3)   Diseases Don’t Just Happen!(#4)

Dr. Day feels you should watch two videos for her program:

1.      “You Can Not Improve on God” (Video #1)
 (This video contains her 10 steps which must be strictly followed or it will not work)
The EXACT TEN STEP plan she used to get well is discussed on this video! In youir paper you will list these step with a simple sentence/paragraph explanation

Here are some bullets which will be answered in this video:
a.  Why what you put in your mouth determines whether you're sick or well.
b.  Why you may think you're sick - but you're really thirsty.
c.  How anyone can carry out this natural, simple, inexpensive plan at home
d.  How this plan has been used successfully by many patients with
     different types of life-threatening diseases to regain their health

2.  “Cancer Does Not Scare Me Anymore” (Video #3)

a.       As a physician who developed cancer herself, Dr. Lorraine Day was well aware that physicians are more afraid of cancer than patients are, because doctors KNOW that chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are NOT the answer to cancer.

b.      She  helps you understand why you don't need to fear cancer. She explains to you in terms you can understand all the confusing medical jargon you will hear from doctors. By following the orderly system of evaluation that she presents, you can then make calm, intelligent decisions about the best treatment methods for you.

c.       This video contains:
1.What YOU need to know to make the important decisions for your treatment

2. Why doctors don't know, and are never taught, how to get you well from cancer

       3.The dangers of chemotherapy and radiation and why cancer is
          BIG BUSINESS!

                   4. Who controls the Cancer Industry, the FDA and the American Cancer Society

                    5.  Who controls what the media tells you about cancer treatment

                    6.  The CAUSES of cancer and how YOU can reverse them -- and GET WELL!

                     7. Specific information on Breast Cancer and Prostrate Cancer


The content from these videos are covered in Chapters 13 (biochemistry) and
Chapter 14 (medicinal Chemistry)


Dr. Day’s website is:


She has many critics. People do not believe that Dr. Day cured herself of cancer. She has been cancer free for over 25 years. And she has a long story of what she went through.

1.      View her tumor:

2.      Read about her critics:


Write a paper describing

1.       the 10 steps in her treatment process (Video1);

2.      summarize the alternative medicine cures for cancer
as described by Dr. Day (Video2)

3.      List the Answers to questions in c. above (Video 3)