CHM 1020  Module 1 Sample                Name: ________________


Module 1: Part F The Control Experiment Demonstrating the Scientific Method


I performed the following experiment.


1. I dissolved 0.50 gram of the following salts in 20 mL of water.

    Test tube one:  Calcium chloride plus water

    Test tube two:  Sodium chloride plus water

    Test Tube three: Potassium Chloride plus water

    Test Tube four: Barium chloride plus water


2. I lit a Bunsen burner, and cleaned a flame testing wire ( a metal wire with a small loop

    on the end inserted in a wooden handle) using a strong acid, like Nitric acid.


3. When the wire no longer displayed a color in the blue flame of the burner after dipping

     in the acid, I tested each solution by dipping the wire in the solution and immersing it

     into the flame of the Bunsen burner.

            (Between each substance tested, I cleaned the wire in the same manner until no

             visible flame appeared.)


                    A movie may be watch of two of the four tests at

                    (needs Apple quick time movie to play .mov file):




1. The Calcium chloride solution burned with a brick red flame

2. The Sodium Chloride burned with yellow slightly orange color

Note: it took 10 times the cleaning process to rid the yellow color from the wire

3. The Potassium chloride burned with a violet (lilac) color

4. The Barium chloride burned with a greenish slightly yellow flame.



Did I use any controls in my procedure, if so what were they?















How would you suggest additional testing/experimentation and is there enough evidence from this test to make a hypothesis? A theory?