CHM 1020 Chapter Three (Sample)             Name:___Answers_____


Chapter Three (M-3) Part P: Periodic Chart Identification     15 points

Selected symbols have been placed into the following blank periodic table of elements:

Which symbol in the above periodic table fits the following description?

__K___1. an alkali metal


__F___2. A halogen


__Sr___3. an alkaline earth element (also Be)


__Ar___4. a noble gas


__Sn___5. A representative element in the fifth period


__As___6. a semimetal


__Pm___7. An element in the lanthanide series


__Al___8.  an element with the atomic number 13


__Hg___9. an element filling  a 5d sublevel


__Se___10. an element with six valence electrons


__Co___11. an element corresponding to: 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 4s2 3d7


__Sn___12. an element with four valence electrons


__Pu___13. an element in the actinide series


__H___14. the main isotope of this element has zero neutrons in the nucleus


__H___15. a representative element in the first period of the periodic table