Module 4 Part H: Inorganic Compounds 

For Part H, we mix the compounds from Parts C, D, F, and G. There are long interactive homeworks for Part H at:

H. Inorganic Homework Names: 

H1. Inorganic Homework Formulas:

The key to deciding which system to use in Part H is to look at the element written first.

 1. If a Metal is written first (or a polyatomic ion), then use the rules for ionic compounds (salts).

2. If a nonmetal is written first, then use the Covalent/Molecule System with prefixes. (If the compound is Organic Nomenclature of Organics is covered in Chapter 11, but for now use the prefix system of binary molecular nomenclature.

3. If hydrogen is written first (and it is in aqueous solution) then name it as an Acid