CHM 1025 Module Four Sample Exam Answers


Module Four: Part E    Polyatomic Ions                 10 points


Using a periodic chart write the names or formulas of the following polyatomic ions depending on whether the formula or name is given:


1.   CO32-       ___carbonate_______


2.   SO32-       ___sulfite__________


3.   PO33-     ____phosphite_______


4.   ClO31-     ____chlorate_________


5.   NO31-     _____nitrate__________



6.   Hydroxide          __OH 1-____



7.   Ammonium        __NH4 1+___



8.   Hypochlorite       __ClO 1-___



9.   Nitrite                  __NO2 1-___



10.  Phosphate          __PO4 3-__


Bonus: Write formula, name, and charge for any polyatomic ion not above: