CHM 1025C Exam #4 Module Four II Sample Exam       


Module Four II- Part O: Polarity of Molecules      10 points

Use the dot/stick structures and sketch the molecule in three dimensions. Then draw the dipoles for each bond to state if the molecule is polar or nonpolar:


Electronegativities: F=4.0; O=3.5;  N=3.0; Cl=3.0; Br=2.7; C=2.5; S=2.5; P=2.1; H=2.1


_____________1.  H2O



_____________2.  CO2



_____________3.  C2H4



_____________4. C2H2



_____________5. SO2



_____________6. SO3



_____________7.  CH4



_____________8.  NH3



_____________9.  BH3



_____________10. HCN




 _____________Bonus. PCl5                      


 _____________Bonus  SCl6