CHM 1025C        Module Four Sample Exam Answers                                 


Module Four: Part A: Bond Recognition                                      5 points

Using a periodic chart, classify each element in the pair as a metal or nonmetal, then predict the bond type that should exist between the two elements. (Assume all metal-nonmetal combinations have an electronegativity difference greater than 1.7)


1.         Na-Cl           ___Ionic_____             4.    Cu-Fe    ___metallic______


2.         Mg-O           ___Ionic_____              5.    Si-S      ____covalent______


3.         S-O              ___covalent______


See your Corwin textbook Section 12.1. Work Problems 6-10 p 336 for similar exercises


Module Four: Part C    Binary Molecular Compounds      10 points

Using a periodic chart write the names or formulas of the following compounds depending on whether the formula or name is given:


1.    CO       __carbon monoxide____


2.    SO3     ___sulfur trioxide_____


3.    N2O5   ___dinitrogen pentoxide______


4.    N2O7   ___ dinitrogen heptoxide


5.    N2O     ___ dinitrogen oxide _or ___ dinitrogen monoxide


6.    Phosphorus pentachloride     ___ PCl5___


7.    Boron trifluoride                     ___ BF3____


8.    Carbon dioxide                      ___ CO2____


9.    Sulfur Trioxide                       ___ SO3____


10.  Carbon Tetrachloride            ___ CCl4____


In your Corwin textbook see Section 7.7. Similar problems on p189 #43-46

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