CHM 1025C Module Four Sample Test


Module Four: Part D       Binary Ionic Compounds             10 points

Using a periodic chart, write the names or the balanced formulas for the following compounds depending on whether the formula or the name is given:


1.   Copper II phosphide                _ Cu3P2__ (Cupric phosphide)



2.    Iron III Oxide (rust)                  _ Fe2O3___  (Ferric Oxide)



3.    Lead IV sulfide                        __ PbS2 __  (Plumbic sulfide)



4.    Sodium chloride                      __NaCl__



5.    Tin II fluoride (in toothpaste)   __SnF2__  (Stannous Fluoride)



6.   MgCl2        __ Magnesium chloride ___(no Roman Numeral needed)



7.    NiF2         ___ Nickel II fluoride_______



8.   K3N          ____ Potassium Nitride_____



9.   Al2O3       ____Aluminum Oxide______(no Roman Numeral needed)



10. CuBr         ____Copper I Bromide______


Work  Questions #23-32 P 188-189 in Corwin textbook

Reference Section 7.5 Corwin

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