CHM 1025C  Module Five Sample Test

Module Five-Part K Excess-Limiting Reagent Problem         10 points


How many grams of Calcium phosphate can be made according to the reaction (unbalanced):


   CaCl2       +     K3PO4     ---->        Ca3(PO4)2        +   KCl


by mixing a solution of 5.00 grams of CaCl2   with another containing 8.00 grams of Potassium phosphate?













Module Four-Part L   Impure Reagents/% Yield Stoichiometry Problem 5 points


A laboratory manual calls for 13.0 grams of butanol reactant in excess sodium bromideand sulfuric acid as reactants in this reaction:


C4H9OH   +   NaBr     +     H2SO4   ------>     C4H9Br   +   NaHSO4    +   H2O


A student following these directions obtains 16.8 grams of butyl bromide (C4H9Br).   What is the theoretical yield and the percent yield of this reaction?