Fall 2017 Syllabus:
McMurry: Online

Section: 4744/47478
Fall 2017 Day

Lecture Time:    M   11:00-1:50 p.m. D-202
Lab Time:          T    11:00-1:50 p.m. D-204
Online Time:  TBA*.                    Internet
*Face-to-Face Class but Internet Required

Last Year Fall 2016 Syllabus:
McMurry: Online
McMurry: Word file

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Fall 2017 Office (August 18-September 17) A-4
(Office Hours changes September 18 due to two additional B-12 classes beginning)
Fall 2017 Office (September 18-December 8) B-12

ISBN-13: 9780134015187

Table of Contents:

1. Matter and Measurements
2. Atoms and the Periodic Table
3. Ionic Compounds
4. Molecular Compounds
5. Classification and Balancing of
     Chemical Reactions
6. Chemical Reactions: Mole and
     Mass Relationships
7. Chemical Reactions: Energy, Rates,
     and Equilibrium
8. Gases, Liquids, and Solids
9. Solutions
10. Acids and Bases
11. Nuclear Chemistry
12. Introduction to Organic Chemistry:
13. Alkenes, Alkynes, and Aromatic
14. Some Compounds with Oxygen, Sulfur,
       or a Halogen
15. Amines
16. Aldehydes and Ketones
17. Carboxylic Acids and their Derivatives
18. Amino Acids and Proteins
19. Enzymes and Vitamins
20. Carbohydrates
21. The Generation of Biochemical Energy
22. Carbohydrate Metabolism
23. Lipids
24. Lipid Metabolism
25. Protein and Amino Acid Metabolism
26. Nucleic Acids and Protein Synthesis
27. Genomics
28. Chemical Messengers: Hormones,
       Neurotransmitters, and Drugs
29. Body Fluids

Fall Term Road Map:

The following Fall 2015 grading Outline; Fall 2015 Grading summary, chapter homework Packets posted reflect the 7th edition to the above text. The current 8th edition sections listed are mostly the same except the pages number reference may be different. Use your 8th edition book's index to get the page number update from the 7th to the 8th edition

Fall 2015 Grading Outline

Fall 2015 Grading Summary

Note: Chapter Homework Packets (formrly Modular) and Chapter Exam Points (formerly Modular) are being restructured to 10 to 30 points per chapter from the values shown. Please refer to the current values via the paper and pencil homework packets handout in the class.

Chapter 1: Matter & Measurement
Grading Outline

Chapter 1 (C-1i & C-1ii) Homework Packet
Download Chap 1 WORD .doc file

36 Element Flash Cards

Table1.2 Required Element List

Chapter 2: Atoms and the Periodic Chart
Grading Outline

Chapter 2 Homework Packet
Download Chap-2 WORD .doc file

Chapter 3: Ionic Compounds
Grading Outline

Chapter 3 Homework Packet
Download Chap-3 WORD .doc file

Chapter 4: Molecular Compounds
Grading Outline

Chapter 4 Homework Packet
Download Chap-4 WORD .doc file

Chapter 12 Grading Outline
Chapter 12 Homework Packet
Download Chap-12 WORD .doc file

Chapter 5 Grading Outline
Chapter 5 Homework Packet
Download Chap-5 WORD .doc file

Chapter 6 Grading Outline
Chapter 6 Homework Packet
Download Chap-6 WORD .doc file

Chapter 8 Grading Outline
Chapter 8 Homework Packet
Download Chap-8 WORD .doc file

Labs/Projects Fall 2015

My Primary Gasoline Demand

Professor Taylor's Gasoline Demand Raw Data

The Scientific Method

Isomenr Number Lab

Scientific Method:
Andromeda Strain Movie Project
Control Experiment Movie

Word: Andromeda Strain
HTM: Andromeda Strain

Dot Structure Lab
Experiment#6 Directions:
Dot Structure Lab  .doc file
Experiment#6 Data Pages:
Dot Structure Data Page
                        .doc file

Chapter 1i:
Interactive Matter Chart
Filled Matter Chart
Empty Matter Chart
Corwin Matter Chart

36 Element Flash Cards

New 54 Element Quiz
Table 4.3

Corwin textbook:
Mod 1 Online Voc Hmwk

Hein textbook:
Mod 1 Online Vocab Hwk

Forms Of Energy
What is Energy? - for kids
Energy Info Page for Kids
Energy Facts for Kids
Government Energy Information Page
Energy Story-California
Energy Forms-Wikipedia
Kidport-Forms of Energy
Kids & Energy-Laws of Thermodynamics

Change of State Animation

Phase Diagram Movie
(Real Player Required)

UTube Videos:
Triple Point
State of Matter 1
States of Matter 2: Emmory U
States of Matter 3 Emory U

PBS World of Chemistry Video
Watch Episodes:
#1: The World Of Chemistry
#2: Color
#5: A Matter of State

Chapter 1ii:
Significant Digits Animation

Metric Prefix Table
Metric System Animation

Unit Analysis Animation

OnLine Unit Analysis Calculator

New Unit Analysis Web Site
Under Construction

Temperature Scales (Absolute Zero with Picture)
Temperature Scales (Absolute Zero -text)
Temperature Scales (McMurry-Section 1.9)
Temperature Scales
Temperature Calc. with Merlin

PBS World of Chemistry Video
Watch Episode:
#3: Measurement

Chapter 2: (Chap 2i and 2ii)
e-1 conf (Online)
Improved 2/20/07

e-1 Configuration Rules Menu

New Web Site 2/15/10
Periodic Chart/e-1Configurations

Electron Configuration Animation
Periods 1-2-3 Filling Sequence
Period 4 Filling Sequence
Period 5 Filling Sequence
Period 6 Filling Sequence

Elements 1-112

Atomic Orbital Movie:
Atomic Orbitals Movie .wmv file
(Large Download)
Atomic Orbitals Movie (Java)

Chapter 2 Online Voc HmWk

Atomic Notation: Element Math Game
Chapter 2 Movies
e1-Configuration Intro
Rutherford Experiment
Millikan Oil Drop Experiment
Multiple Proportions Law

Chapter 2 Animations (Shockwave)
Electromagnetic Spectrum
Atomic Notation
Electron Configurations

More Chapter 2 Movies
Ionization Energy
Periodic Properties
Periodic Trends: Atomic Radii
Periodic Trends: Ionization Energies
Flame tests Alkali Metals

Chapter 2 Flash
Predicting Ionic Charges
Interactive Periodic Table

Dot Structures Atoms

Chapter 2 (Shockwave)
Electron Dot Atoms
Electron Dot Atoms II

Special Areas Periodic Table

PBS World of Chemistry Video
Watch Episodes:
#6: The Atom
#7: The Periodic Chart
Periodic Table Movie

Chapter 3/4 (Chap 3 and 4)
Chapter 3 Study/Assignment Outline
M4: Part A Study Guide
M4: Part C Study Guide
M4: Part D Study Guide
M4: Part G Study Guide
M4: Part H Study Guide

Sample Chapter 3/4 Exam

Online Exerecises:
Chapter 3:
D: Binary Ionic Name Hmwk
D1. Binary Ionic Formulas
E: Polyatomic Ion Names Hmwk
E1: Polyatomic Ion Formulas Hmwk
F: Ternary Ionic Name Hmwk
F1. Ternary Ionic Formulas
G: Binary/Ternary Acid Name Hmwk
G1. Acid Formulas
Chapter 4:
B: Dot Structure of Molecules
C: Binary Molecular Cpd Hmwk
C1. Binary Molecular Formulas Hmwk
H: Inorganic Cpd Name Hmwk
H1. Inorganic Cpd Formulas Hmwk

OnLine Names/Formulas Grading Form

Online Flash Cards:
Progressive Polyatomic Ion Formulas

M: Multiple Choice Practice

Construct Lewis Dot

PBS World of Chemistry Video
Watch Episodes:
#8: The Chemical Bond
#9: Molecular Architecture

Chapter 5:
Module 5 Study/Assignment Outline

Interactive OnLine ChemiCalc
% Composition and Balance Equations

FCCJ Official Lab Outline
CHM 1032C Lab Outline

CHM 1032 Lab Outline

Experiment#1: Safety and Orientation  .doc file
Experiment#2: Scientific Method  .doc file
Experiment#3: Measurement  .doc file
Experiment#3 Sample Data Page  .doc file
Experiment#4: Density  .doc file
Experiment#4: Density Data Page  .doc file
Experiment#5: Graphing Data  .doc file
Experiment#6: Atomic Spectra Lab  .doc file
Experiment#6: Dot Structure Lab  .doc file
Experiment#6: Dot Structure Date Page
                        .doc file
Experiment#6: Nomenclature Grading Form
                        .doc file
Experiment#7: Chemical/Physical Properties
                        .doc file
Experiment#8: Hydrate Analysis  .doc file
Experiment#8: Hydrate Data Sheet  .doc file
Experiment#9: Cation Analysis  .doc file
Experiment#9: Cation Prelab Report  .doc file
Experiment#9: Cation Data Page  .doc file
Experiment#9: Cation Post Lab Report .doc file
Experiment#10: Anion Analysis .doc file
Experiment#10: Anions Pre-Lab Report  .doc
Experiment#10: Anions-Data Page   .doc file
Experiment#10: Anions Post Lab Report   .doc
Experiment#11: Electric Car Video  .doc
Experiment#12: Alka Seltzer Analysis  .doc
Experiment#12: AlkaSeltzer Prelab Report  .doc
Experiment#12: Appendix A: AlkaSeltzer   .doc
Experiment#13: REDOX Contest  .doc
Experiment#13: REDOX Pre/Post Report  .doc
Experiment#14: Synthesis of Aspirin  .doc
Experiment#15: Organic Isomers

Optional Homework Outline
(McMurry not available yet)

Prefinal Menu Page

McMurry Power Points
(McMurry available on Blackboard)
Corwin Power Points
Hein Power Points

Quiz Menu Page

Grade Calculator

Other Alternate Texts:
Prior Textbook:
CHM 1032C Textbook Cover: McMurray 6th
Summer 2010 Grading Outline

Timberlake Textbook Cover
Benjamin-Cummings Web Site

FCCJ Official Lecture Outline
McMurry 6th Table of Contents

Corwin Text Site
4th Edition Chapters

11th Edition of Hein Text Image
Hein Text Main Web Site

Hein Table Of Contents (.doc)
Hein Table Of Contents (.htm)

Hein Grading Outline

Chapter 3/4 Movies:
Steric Number Notes
Molecular Polarity Demo
H2O: Bent Structure
CO2: Linear Structure
NO21-: t-Bent Structure
CH4: Tetrahedronal Structure
BF3: Trigonal Planer
NH3: Trigonal Pyramidal

Hybrid Orbitals Review
sp3 hybrid orbital formation movie
CH4 Hybrid Movie
H2 Bond Formation

Sigma Bonds Between Hydrogen 1s and C sp3 Hybrid Orbitals in Methane

Sigma Bonds in Ethene from Carbon Hybrid Orbitals

Pi Bonding Orbital in Ethene
Sigma and Pi Bonds in Ethene

Hybrid Orbital Slideshow

Periodic Trends in Electronegativity
(Quick Time Movie)

Electronegativity & Bonds
Molecular Polarity Demo
(Quick Time Movie)

Chapter 12 Intro to Organic

Chapter 12 (PowerPoint)

Hexane Isomers (Requires Real Player)
Hexane Isomers
ChemMystery's Organic Website
Norton Textbook's Organic Website
Organic Nomenclature & Alkanes
Structure of Hydrocarbons

Alkane Prefixes: Count to Ten in Organic
Alkane Series
Alkyl Groups C1-C8
All Possible Alkyl Groups C1-C4

Worked Example: Naming Alkanes
Naming Alkanes-Page 2
Naming Alkanes-Page 3
Naming Alkanes-Page 4
Naming Alkanes-Page 5

Worked Example: Naming Alkenes
Naming Alkenes-Page 2
Naming Alkanes-Page 3

Isomer Number Problems
Three Pentane Isomers
Writing Isomers 1
Writing Isomers 2

Interactive Drawing Program:
Link to Molecular Drawing Program
2D Models: Lewis & Stick-Ball 3D Molecular Modeling with MarvinSketch
Download: J2SE(TM) Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 9

PBS World of Chemistry Video
Watch Episodes:
#21: Carbon
#22: The Age of Polymers
#23: Proteins: Structure and Function
#24: The Genetic Code

Student Success:
Active Learning
Learning Styles (not active)

Myers Briggs Inventory

Dave Ellis' Master Student 13th edition

Discovery Wheel Exercise

Becoming Master Student Exercises

Home Page

CHM 1032C
Principles of General Chemistry
Home Page

periodic chart
ChemicalElements.com Peridic Table     WebElement.com Profession Periodic Table     Photographic Periodic Table
Chemicool Periodic Table   Chemical Element Periodic Table     Visual Periodic Table
Dynamite Periodic Table     Wikipedia Periodic Table     Interactive Periodic Table: touchspin
Los Alomos Periodic Table    Periodic table images--Google     Jefferson Lab-Games
Anniburg Interactives (e1-conf)    My Seatle Friends Favorite PT
Tom Lehre Periodic Table Song:
U-Tube     U-Tube Live    U-Tube Teacher    Flash Animation     Lyrics

Search Google for:

Chapter 2: Electron Configurations

e-1 Configuration Rules Menu

e-1 conf (Online)

New Web Site 2/15/10
Periodic Chart/e-1Configurations

Spectroscopic Notation

2YC3 Abstract

Under Conscruction:
e1- Configuration Argon Sequencing

Atomic Orbitals Movie .wmv file
(Large Download)

Chapter 2: Atoms & Periodic Chart

-ide Ion Formulas

Chapter 4: Paper Atoms
(Change .htm to .doc to download .doc Word file)

Dot/Stick Structures of Atoms:
Oxygen-Carbon Dot/Stick Atoms
Hydrogen-Chlorine-Nitrogen Dot/Stick Atoms
Hydrogen-Phosphorus-Sulfur Dot/Stick Atoms
Oxygen-Hydrogen-Carbon-Chlorine Dot Stick Atoms

Dot Structures of Atoms:
O, H, S, e-1 atoms
P, N, Cl, e-1 atoms

Chapter 3: Polyatomic Ions:

Intro To Polyatomic Ions
New Intro 2/10/09
Polyatomic Ions
New Web Site 2/15/10

Polyatomic Ion Study Guide

Taylor's Polyatomic Ion 3/4 Oxygen Rule + Complete Polyatomic Ion Table

Taylor's Polyatomic Ion Charge Rule
Charge Rule Handout 1
Charge Rule Handout 2

-ate Ion Names
-ate Ions ???
-ate Ion Formulas
-ite Ion Formulas

Polyatomic Ions-Dot Structure

Common Polyatomic Ion Tables

Common Polyion Table 3.3 GOB McMurry
Common Polyion Table 3.1 Conceptual Chemistry 5th
Common Polyions Table 2.3 General Chemistry 6th McMurry
Common Polyion Table 2.5 Silverberg
Common Polyions Table 7.3 Corwin 7th
Common Polyion Table Hein 14th
Common Polyions Table 9.3 Tillery
Common Polyions Table 3.1 Kotz 5th
Common Polytion Table 5.4 Hill 11th

The Complete Polyatomic Ion List

The Required List For CHM 1025C & CHM 2045C*
*This list will be printed on the back of the periodic table given out with each 1032 exam.

Chapter 4: Polyion Dot Structures:

phosphate ion
sulfate ion

perchlorate ion
chlorate ion
chlorite ion
hypochlorite ion

Interactive Nonmetal Polyatomic Ion Periodic Chart

Interactive Transitional Metal Polyatomic Ion Periodic Chart

Chapter 4: Drag and Drop Molecules and PolyAtomic Ions

Drag and Drop Main Menu

HC2H3O2 Drag and Drop Acetic Acid (IE Explorer)   Answer
H2C2O4    Drag and Drop Oxalic Acid (IE Explorer)   Answer

CO32-    Drag and Drop Carbonate Ion (IE Explorer)   Answer
NO31-    Drag and Drop Nitrate Ion (IE Explorer)   Answer
PO43-    Drag and Drop Phosphate Ion (IE Explorer)   Answer
SO42-    Drag and Drop Sulfate Ion (IE Explorer)   Answer
ClO31-    Drag and Drop Chlorate Ion (IE Explorer)   Answer

Drag and Drop Main Menu

Chapter 3: Polyatomic Ions:

Intro To Polyatomic Ions
New Intro 2/10/09
Polyatomic Ions
New Web Site 2/15/10

Polyatomic Ion Study Guide

Taylor's Polyatomic Ion 3/4 Oxygen Rule + Complete Polyatomic Ion Table

Taylor's Polyatomic Ion Charge Rule
Charge Rule Handout 1
Charge Rule Handout 2

Blank Polyion Pages for Lecture
Polyions 0 (Blank)
Polyions 1 (Blank with Group #)
Polyions 2 (Blank with Atom Names)
Polyions 3 (Blank with Atom Names)
Polyions 4 (Blank with Atom Names-Roman Numerals)
Polyions 5 (Blank with -ide Names)
Polyions 6 (Blank with -ide Names-Roman Numerals)
Polyions 7 (Blank with -ate Names-Roman Numerals)

Chapter 3 & 4 Movies

VSEPR Movie1 (.wmv file)

Periodic Table Movie (.wmv file)

Polarity Movie (.rm file-Streaming Video)

Chapter 5: (Chemical Reactions)

Balancing Equations Rules && Suggestions

Balancing Chemical Equations Corwin Interactive Shockwave Program

Reading a Chemical Reaction Flash Demo

A Balanced Chemical Equation Flash Demo

Double Replacement Reactions Flash Demo

Chapter 5 Movies (Chemical Reactions):
Flame Tests for Alkali Metals Corwin Demo Movie
Combination Demo: Reactions with Oxygen Corwin .mov Movie
Combination Demo: Formation of NaCl Corwin .mov Movie
Decomposition Demo: Decomposition of HgO Corwin .mov Movie
Single Replacement Demo: Formation of Ag Crystals Corwin .mov
(Activity Series)
Single Replacement Demo: Reaction of Zn with SnCl2 Corwin .mov
(Activity Series)
Single Replacement Demo: Sodium and Potassium in Water
(Active Metals)
Double Replacement Demo: Precipitation Reactions Corwin .mov Movie

Chapter 6: (Mole Concept and Stoichiometry)

Stoichiometry Basics Main Menu

Mole Concept Map Images
Mass-Mass Concept Map Images
Volume-Volume Concept Map with Links

Interactive Mole-Mole and Mass-Mass Stoichiometry Tutorial (requires Flash Player)

Interactive Limiting Reactant Tutorial
Limiting Reactant Movie.mov file

Interactive Volume Stoichiometry

Interactive Chem-i-Calc Program

Interactive OnLine ChemiCalc % Composition and Balance Equations

JCE Review of ChemiCalc

Chapter 8 Movies (Gas Stiochiometry):
Electrolysis of Water Movie .mov file
Auto Air Bag Demonstration.mov file
Air Bag Movie with Menu.mov file

Chapter 8: Gas Laws

Boyle's Law Movie: Pressure Volume Relationships
Vapor Pressure Change with Temperature Movie
Graham's Law of Diffusion Animation
Combined Gas Law Shockwave Demonstration
Ideal Gas LawShockwave Demonstration
Gas laws DemoFlash .exe
Charles Laws DemoStreaming Real Video Plug-in Required

Chapter 8: Gases, Liquid, and Solids

Phase Diagram Movie (Streaming Real Video Player Required)

Chapter 9 Solutions

Henry's Law movie
Dissolution NaCl in Water movie
Solution Formation by Dilution movie
Polarity Interaction Shockwave
Units of Concentration flash

Chapter 10: Acids and Bases

Introduction to Aqueous Acids movie
Introduction to Aqueous Bases movie
Electrolytes and Nonelectrolytes movie
Acid-Base Titration movie
Natural Indicators movie
Sodium and Potassium in Water movie
Strong and Weak Electrolytes movie
Ionic Solubility Shockwave
Acid Base Titration Shockwave
PH of solutions Shockwave
Acid-Base Titration flash

Chapter 5: Oxidation Reduction (Corwin Chapter 17)

REDOX Challenge Contest
REDOX Study Guide
Download .doc file

REDOX Study Guide (CSS Web Site) (New Spring 2010)

REDOX Study Guide (CSS Web Site) (New Fall 2009)

Common Oxidizing and Reducing Agents

FSCJ REDOX Challenege Contest

PBS World of Chemistry Video
Watch Episodes:
#15: The Busy Electron

2YC3 Conference: REDOX Challenege Contest ppt

2YC3 REDOX Challenege Contest Abstract

Great REDOX with Video

Chapter 12 Introduction to Organic ChemistryAlkansas

Hydrocarbon Flow Chart
Hexane Isomers (Requires Real Player)
Hexane Isomers
ChemMystery's Organic Website
Norton Textbook's Organic Website
Organic Nomenclature & Alkanes
Structure of Hydrocarbons

Hydrocarbon Derivatives

Benzene Nomenclature
More Hydrocarbon Derivatives
Video Menus:
Brightstorm Total Menu:

Khanacademy Chemistry Menu:

Georgia PBS Chemistry & Physics Menu:

Education Portal Chemistry Video Menu:

Sophia Chemistry Menu:


ChemFlicks Video Menu:


Table of Contents
(Includes Video Menu)

Corwin 1 Introduction to Chemistry

Corwin PSS. Prerequisite Science Skills

Corwin 2 The Metric System

Corwin 3 Matter and Energy

Corwin 4 Models of the Atom

John Suchocki's Conceptual Academy Free Online Videos:
                           John Suchoski Picture

John Suchoski's Video:Subatomic Particles
4.1 Physical and Conceptual Models
4.2 The Electron Was the First Subatomic Particle Discovered
4.3 The Mass of an Atom Is Concentrated in its Nucleus
4.4 The Atomic Nucleus Is Made of Protons and Neutrons
4.5 Light Is a Form of Energy
4.6 Atomic Spectra and the Quantum Hypothesis
4.7 Electrons Exhibit Wave Properties
4.8 The Noble Gas Shell Model Simplifies the Energy-Level Diagram
4.9 The Periodic Table Helps Us Predict Properties of Elements

Corwin 5 The Periodic Table

John Suchoski's Videos: Elements of Chemistry
3.1 Matter Has Physical and Chemical Properties
3.2 Elements Are Made of Atoms
3.3 The Periodic Table Helps Us to Understand the Elements
3.4 Elements Can Combine to Form Compounds
3.5 There Is A System for Naming Compounds
3.6 Most Materials Are Mixtures
3.7 Matter Can Be Classified as Pure or Impure
3.8 The Advent of Nanotechnology

Corwin 6 Language of Chemistry

John Suchoski's Videos: How Atoms Bond
6.1 Electron-Dot Structures
6.2 Atoms Can Lose or Gain Electrons to Become Ions
6.3 Ionic Bonds Result from a Transfer of Electrons
6.4 The Electrons of Metallic Bonds Are Loosely Held
6.5 Covalent Bonds Result from a Sharing of Electrons
6.6 Valence Electrons Determine Molecular Shape
6.7 Polar Covalent Bonds--Uneven Sharing of Electrons
6.8 Molecular Polarity--Uneven Distribution of Electrons
Corwin 7 Chemical Reactions

John Suchoski's: How Chemicals React
9.1 Chemical Reactions Are Represented by Chemical Equations
9.2 Counting Atoms and Molecules By Mass
9.3 Converting Between Grams and Moles
9.4 Chemical Reactions Can Be Exothermic or Endothermic
9.5 Chemical Reactions Are Driven By Entropy
9.6 Chemical Reactions Can Be Slow or Fast
9.7 Catalysts Speed Up the Destruction of Stratospheric Ozone

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