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CHM 2045C: Spring Term 2008
Practice Final (Spring 1998's Test)
Module Four Part II

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Module Four Part II

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Multiple Choice [One Answer Only]

Question 1

What is the geometry of the left most carbon atom in the molecule below?

a) trigonal planar
b) trigonal bipyramidal
c) tetrahedral
d) octahedral

Question 2

What is the shape of the CS2 molecule?

a) linear
b) bent
c) tetrahedral
d) trigonal planar

Question 3

What is the shape of the SiH2Cl2 molecule?

a) trigonal planar
b) tetrahedral
c) trigonal pyramidal
d) octahedral

Question 4

What is the approximate O-S-O bond angle in SO2?

a) 90o
b) 109o
c) 120o
d) 180o

Question 5

Which one of the following sets of molecules would have bond angles of 105o, 107o, and 109.5o respectively?

a) CH4, H2O, NH3
b) H2O, NH3,CH4
c) NH3,H2O, CH4
d) H2O,CH4, NH3
e) none of the above

Question 6

What is the approximate O-C-O bond angle in CO32-

a) 90o
b) 109o
c) 120o
d) 180o
e) none of the above

Question 7

The bond angles a,b, and c in the molecule shown below would respectively be

a) 109.5o,109.5o,109.5o
b) 120o,109.5o,120o
c) 107o,109.5o,120o
d) 90o,180o,90o

Question 8

Determine the shape and polarity of the BeCl2 molecule.

a) linear, nonpolar
b) linear, polar
c) bent, nonpolar
d) bent, polar

Question 9

Which of the following molecules is polar?

a) BeCl2
b) BF3
c) CBr4
d) SiH2Cl2

Question 10

What is the hybridization of the carbon atom in carbon dioxide?

a) sp
b) sp2
c) sp3
d) sp3d
e) sp3d2

Question 11

The sp2 hybrid orbital set contains how many orbitals?

a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5

Question 12

The respective hybridizations of nitrogen in NF3 and NH3 are

a) sp2 and sp2
b) sp and sp3
c) sp3 and sp
d) sp3 and sp3
e) none of the above

Question 13

What is the hybridization and H-O-C bond angle for the oxygen atom in acetic acid CH3COOH?

a) sp, 180o
b) sp2, 109o
c) sp3, 109o
d) sp3, 90 o
e) none of the above

Question 14

Sideways overlap of two p-orbitals resulting in two regions of electron density in common to the two nuclei are known as

a) a pi bond
b) a sigma bond
c) a delta bond
d) a double bond

Question 15

A typical triple bond consists of

a) three sigma bonds
b) three pi bonds
c) one sigma and two pi bonds
d) two sigma and one pi bond
e) none of the above

Question 16

The Lewis dot structure of carbon monoxide is :C=O:. The respective hybridization of carbon and oxygen are

a) sp and sp3
b) sp2 and sp3
c) sp3 and sp2
d) sp and sp
e) sp2 and sp2

Question 17

The hybridization of the central carbon in H2C=C=CH2 is

a) sp
b) s2p
c) sp2
d) s2p2
e) sp3d

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