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CHM 2045C: Spring Term 2008
Practice Final (Spring 98's Test)
Module Six

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Module Six

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Multiple Choice [One Answer Only]

Question 1

Which of the following is not an observed property of gases?

a) gases have a variable shape and volume
b) gases expand and fill a container
c) gases compress and eventually liquefy
d) gases have a density greater than 1.00 g/mL
e) gases diffuse and mix uniformly

Question 2

Which of the following expresses standard atmospheric pressure?

a) 29.9 in Hg
b) 76.0 cm Hg
c) 760 torr
d) 14.7 psi
e) all of the above

Question 3

Nitrogen is collected over water at 60oC and 1.10 atm. What is the partial pressure of nitrogen if the vapor pressure of water is 0.197 atm at 60oC?

a) 0.197 atm
b) 0.217 atm
c) 0.90 atm
d) 1.10 atm
e) 1.30 atm

Question 4

Which of the following changes increases the pressure in a gaseous system?

a) increasing the volume
b) decreasing the temperature
c) increasing the number of gas molecules
d) all of the above
e) none of the above

Question 5

Which of the following graphs represents the plot of pressure versus volume at constant

a)   b)    c)    d)    e)

Question 6

Which of the following graphs represents the plot of volume versus Kelvin temperature at constant

a) b) c) d) e)

Question 7

A sample of ozone gas is at 0oC. If both the volume and pressure double, what is the new Kelvin temperature?

a) 68 K
b) 135 K
c) 273 K
d) 546 K
e) 1092 K

Question 8

Which of the following is not true according to the kinetic theory of gases?

a) molecules occupy a negligible volume
b) molecules move in straight line paths
c) molecules are not attracted to one another
d) molecules have elastic collisions
e) molecules in the same container all have the same velocity

Question 9

What is the temperature at which an ideal gas has zero kinetic energy?

a) absolute zero
b) 0oC
c) 273 oC
d) 273 K
e) -273 K

Question 10

How many moles of methane occupy a volume of 2.00 L at 50oC and 0.500 atm? (R= 0.0821 atm·L/mol·K)

a) 0.0377 mol
b) 0.151 mol
c) 0.244 mol
d) 4.11 mol
e) 26.5 mol

Question 11

Which of the following laws states that volume and Kelvin temperature of a gas are directly proportional at constant pressure?

a) Boyle's law
b) Charle's law
c) Dalton's law
d) Gay-Lussac's law
e) Combined gas law

Question 12

What is the term for gas molecules that collide without losing energy?

a) elastic collision
b) isokinetic collision
c) isothermal collision
d) molecular collision
e) none of the above

Question 13

Which of the following refers to the following relationship: PV=nRT?

a) Boyle's law
b) Charle's law
c) combined gas law
d) Dalton's law
e) ideal gas law

Question 14

Nitrous oxide, N2O, makes you laugh and ammonia, NH3, makes you cry. If both gases are released at the same time from the same distance, would you laugh first or cry first?

a) laugh first
b) cry first
c) laugh and cry at the same time
d) depends upon the amount of gas
e) depends upon the temperature

Question 15

If the density of an unknown gas is 1.95 g/L at STP, what is the molar mass of the gas?
(R=0.0821 atm·L/mol·K)

a) 11.4 g/mol
b) 22.4 g/mol
c) 23.8 g/mol
d) 43.9 g/mol
e) 139 g/mol

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