CHM 2045C Module One Sample Test


Module One: Matter and States of Matter (Chapter 1)

A. _____(05) Matter Chart-Section 1.1, p12 Figure 1.1  Answers             

B. _____(20) Element-Symbol-Section 1.2, 2.7, 2.8        Answers     

C. _____(05) Element Classification-Section 2.6 Answers ck

K. _____(05) Key Terms (Matter)  Chapter 1&2

M. _____(10) Multiple Choice(Matter) Chap 1&2 (Answers at the Bottom)

_______(45) Total = ______%


          Module One: Part A Matter Chart   5 points


Draw below a matter chart similar to the chart in section 1.1 (Figure 1.1) of the General Chemistry text page 12 or it may be of your own design as long as it clearly denotes lines which describe which words are subunits of the more general word.  The chart should include the following: homogeneous mixtures, heterogeneous mixtures, all matter, Pure substances, Mixtures, Compounds, Elements, Solutions*, Atoms*, Molecules/Formula Units*, and Colloids/Suspensions*:

*additional words not in figure 1.1 but in Chapter 1 or lecture.




























Where would you place: colloids, metals, nonmetals, metalloids?


If you put: Inorganic Compounds, Salts, Acids, Bases, Covalent Compounds, Organic Compounds under compounds, how would you split Molecules and Formula units?


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