CHM 2045C Module Two Sample Exam  

Module Two: Part G Temperature Conversion     8 points


State the general formula for the conversion of temperatures on scale X to temperatures on scale Y:



convert -190oC to oF




convert -190oC to K





The Rankin scale uses a Fahrenheit unit, but assumes zero to be absolute zero.  If absolute zero on the Kelvin scale is zero and on Celsius scale is -273oC, calculate absolute zero on the Fahrenheit scale, then estimate the Boiling point of water on the Rankin scale.






Bonus: Professor Taylor created his own temperature scale with the boiling point of water at

250 oT and the freezing point of water at 50 oT. What is normal body temperature ( 37 oC) on the  Taylor Scale? Is there a temperature at with the Taylor Scale is equal to the same temperature on the Celsius Scale? Or the Fahrenheit Scale?









Module Two: Part H Density/Specific Gravity Calculations     5 points


A 25.0-mL sample of liquid bromine has a mass of 78.020 g.   What is the density of bromine?






If a sugar solution weighs 4.678 grams and has a volume of 4.67 ml, calculate the density of the solution.