CHM 2045C Module Five Sample Exam


Module Five:Chemical Equations & Stoichiometry (Chap 2, 3 & 4)

A._____(03) Molecular Mass Calculation-Section 2.5, 3.5 Answers a

B._____(04) Mole Calculations-Section 2.5 Answers bcd

C._____(03) Percentage Composition Calculation-Section 3.6 Answers bcd

D._____(04) Empirical Formula Calc. from % Comp & Analysis-Section 4.6 Answers bcd

E._____(04) Basic Stoichiometric Definitions-Chapter 4 p139 Answers ef

F._____(05) Balancing Chemical Equations by Inspection-Section 4.2 Answers ef

G._____(04) Predicting Single Replacement Products . Section  Answers g

H._____(04) Predict Double Replacement & Organic Combustion Products 5.2, 5.4 Answers h

I.______(04) Mole-Mole Problems Lecture Answers ij

J._____( 04) Mass-Mass Stoichiometric Problems-Section 4.3 Answers ij

K._____(04) Excess/Limiting Reagent Problems-Section 4.4 Answers kl

L._____(04) Impure reagents/% Yield Problem-Section 4.5 Answers kl

N._____(04) Multi step Synthesis Problems-Section 4.6 Answers

O._____(04) Mixture Problem Answers  2nd Example  Combined Example

M._____(10) Multiple Choice   5th Chapter 4 multiple choice#1  Chap 4 Multiple Choice #2

______(65) Total = ______%


Module Five-Part A: Molecular Mass Calculation    3 points


1. Calculate the molecular mass of Acetic Acid, HC2H3O2.









2. Calculate the formula unit mass of Ammonium Chromate, (NH4)2CrO4 .









3. Calculate the molecular mass of glucose,  C6H12O6.