CHM 2045C Module Five Sample     Name:_______________


Module Four Part P Determining the Formula of a Compound by Combustion  5 points


A 0.523 g sample of the unknown compound CxHy, is burned in air to give 1.612 g of CO2 and 0.7425g of H2O. A separate experiment gave a molar mass for CxHy of 114 g/mol. Determine the empirical  and molecular formula for the hydrocarbon.
























Additional Combustion Problems:


Read Section 3.12 pages 93-96 McMurry 5th

See worked example 3.18 page 95 and try problems 3.27 page 95.

End of chapter 3.98, 3.99 page 104.


Q# 36-43 p 142 Kotz 5th Edition