CHM 2045C Module Six Sample Exam


Part F Volume-Volume Stoichiometry 5 points


In the Haber process, nitrogen N2 and hydrogen H2 gases combine to give ammonia gas NH3 as the only product. If 5.55 L of nitrogen gas completely reacts, calculate the volume of ammonia that is produced. Assume all volumes of gas are measured under constant conditions of 500 oC and 300 atm pressure. How many liters of hydrogen are required to complete react the 5.55L of nitrogen?
















Part G Mass-Volume Stoichiometry 5 points


Potassium chlorate is used in the lab to make oxygen gas by the following (unbalanced) reaction:

KClO3 KCl + O2

How liters of oxygen may be made from reacting 1.226 grams of Potassium chlorate?