CHM 2045C    Module Six Sample Exam    


Module Six: Part M: Multiple Choice Chapter 12  10 points


____1. What is the term for the volume occupied by one mole of any gas at STP?

(A) Avogadro’s volume

(B) gaseous volume

(C) molar volume

(D) standard volume

(E) STP volume

(F) none of the above


____2. Which of the following is NOT an observed property of gases?

(A) gases have variable shape and volume

(B) gases expand and fill the container

(C) gases compress and eventually liquefy

(D) some gases have density greater than 1.00 g/mL

(E) gases diffuse and mix uniformly

(F) none of the above


_____3. Which of the following does NOT express standard atmospheric pressure?

(A) 29.9 in Hg

(B) 76.0 cm Hg

(C) 760 torre

(D) 14.7 psi

(E) 1 atm

(F) none of the above


_____4. Which of the following variables will NOT affect the pressure exerted by a gas?

(A) increase or decrease the volume of the container

(B) increase or decrease the temperature of a gas

(C) increase or decrease the number of molecules in the container

(D) change molecule for molecule the gas from one compound to another

(E) none of these


_____ 5.Which of the following is NOT true according to the kinetic molecular theory of gases?

(A) molecules occupy a negligible volume

(B) molecules move in straight line paths

(C) molecules are not attracted by one another

(D) molecules have elastic collisions

(E) molecules in the same container all have the same velocity

(F) none of the above





_____6. Which are the conditions for a real gas to behave most unlike an ideal gas?

(A) high temperatures, high pressures

(B) high temperatures, low pressures

(C) low temperatures, high pressures

(D) low temperatures, low pressures

(E) pressures and temperatures near STP

(f) none of the above


_____7. Which of the following laws states that volume and Kelvin temperature of a gas are directly proportional at constant pressure?

(A) Boyle’s Law

(B) Charles’ Law

(C) Dalton’s Law

(D) Gay-Lussac’s Law

(E) Combined Gas Law


_____8. A sample of krypton gas has a volume of 20.0 mL. If both the pressure and the Kelvin temperature double, what is the new volume?

(A) 5.00 mL

(B) 10.0 mL

(C) 20.0 mL

(D) 40.0 mL

(E) none of these


_____9. At the same temperature, which of the following atmospheric gases have the fastest average velocity?

(A) nitrogen gas

(B) oxygen gas

(C) Carbon Dioxide gas

(D) Argon gas

(E) The average velocity for each gas is the same


_____10. What is the term for the pressure exerted by a single gas in a mixture of two or more gases?

(A) atmospheric pressure

(B) gas pressure

(C) partial pressure

(D) vapor pressure

(E) critical pressure


_____Bonus.  Calculate the height, in feet, of a column of water that would exert the same pressure as a column of mercury that is 75.4 cm high.  The density of water is 1.00 g/cm3 and mercury 13.6 g/cm3

(A) 33.6          (B) 0.181        (C) 2.47          (D) 8.56          (E) 16.8      (F) none of these



1. C    2. D   3. F   4. D    5. E    6. C    7. B    8.C     9. D    10. C