CHM 2045C Module Seven Sample Exam     


Module Seven Part C: Specific Heat/First Law Problems    10 points


If the temperature of a 50.0 gram block of aluminum increases by 10.9 K when heated by 500 joules, calculate the:


  1. heat capacity of the aluminum block.






  1. molar heat capacity of aluminum.






  1. specific heat capacity of aluminum.






If the internal energy of a thermodynamic system is decreased by 300 when 75 J of work is done on the system, how much heat was transferred, and in which direction, to or from the system














 a. heat capacity of the aluminum block = 45.9 J/K

 b. molar heat capacity of aluminum 24.8 J/K mol

 c.  specific heat capacity of aluminum = 0.917 J/Kg

-375 J was transferred From the system