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Module 8 Sample Pretest

Module Eight: Solutions/Oxidation & Reduction (Chapter 5)

A. _____(05) Solution Properties-From Lecture 5.1 Answers

B. _____(05) Factors Affecting Rate of Dissolving-From Lecture Answers

C. _____(05) Writing Ionzation Reactions acids/salts Sect 5.3 Answers

D. _____(05) Solution Preparation Problems-Section 5.5 Answers

E. _____(05) Solution Dilution Problems-Section 5.8  Answers

F. _____(10) Solution Reaction Problems-Section 5.10 Answers

G. _____(10) Rewrite Equations Ionically –Section 5.2 Answers

H. _____(10) Redox Equations-Sections-Section 5.7  Answers

I.  _____ (05) Solution Discussion Question-Chapter 5 Answers

K.  ____  (10) Solution Definitions-From Lecture Answers

L.  _____(05) pH calculations-Section 5.9 Answers

M. _____(15) 5th Multiple Choice-Solutions/Redox   5th Answers    

______(60) Total = ______%



Part A: Solution Properties        5 points


List five of the six properties of a true solution:


1.  It is homogeneous mixture of two or more components, solute and solvent



2.  It has variable composition, that is, the ratio of solute and solvent may be varied.



3. The dissolved solute is molecular or ionic in size



4. It may be colored or colorless but it is usually transparent



5. The solute remains uniformly distributed throughout the solution and will not settle out with time (every drop has exactly the same concentration)



6. The solute generally can be separated from the solvent by purely physical means (for example evaporation or distillation)