CHM 2045C Module Eight Solutions page 5


Part F: Solution Reaction Problems    10 points

Acid-Base Neutralization:

1. Calculate the molarity of a Calcium hydroxide solution if 18.50 mL of it requires 28.27 mL of a  0.0125 M HCl to reach its neutralization point.















REDOX Titration:

2. A KMnO4 (aq) solution is to be standardized by titration against As2O3(s), A 0.1156 g sample of As2O3 requires 27.08 mL of KMnO4. What is the molarity of the KMnO4?


As2O3     +      MnO4 1-          +      H2O         +       H 1+    ------->            H3AsO4      +     Mn 2+