CHM 2045C Module Eight Sample Exam

Part J: Writing Ionization Reactions  3 points

(Strong Acids/Weak Acids/Strong Bases/Weak Bases/

Soluble Salts and Oxides of Nonmetals and Metals)


Write the ionization reactions for the following:

(1) Strong Acid:  HCl (aq)





 (2) Weak Acid:  HC2H3O2 (aq)





 (3) Strong Base:  NaOH (aq)






(4) Weak Base:  NH3 (aq)





(5) Soluble Salts: NaCl (aq)





 (6) Oxides of Nonmetals:  CO2 (g)





(7) Oxides of Metals: CaO (s)