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M-4ii Grading Outline
M-4ii Homework Packet
Download M-4ii Homework Packet WORD .doc file

M-4iii Grading Outline
M-4iii Homework Packet
Download M-4iii Homework WORD .doc file

M-16 Grading Outline
M-16 Homework Packet
Download M-16 WORD .doc file

M-7ii Grading Outline
M-7ii Homework Packet
Download M-7ii WORD .doc file

M-8ii Grading Outline
M-8ii Homework Packet
Download M-8ii WORD .doc file

M-9 Grading Outline
M-9 Homework Packet
Download M-9 WORD .doc file

M-10 Grading Outline
M-10 Homework Packet
Download M-10 WORD .doc file

M-11i Grading Outline
M-11i Homework Packet
Download M-11i WORD .doc file

M-11ii Grading Outline
M-11ii Homework Packet
Download M-11ii WORD .doc file

M-12 Grading Outline
M-12 Homework Packet
Download M-12 WORD .doc file

M-13 Grading Outline
M-13 Homework Packet
Download M-13 WORD .doc file

M-14 Grading Outline
M-14 Homework Packet
Download M-14 WORD .doc file

M-15 Homework Packet

Alternate Wiley Plus Assignments

Required Textbook at North:

Chemistry: The
Molecular Nature of Matter
7th Edition
Neil D. Jespersen, Alison Hyslop
January 2014, ©2015
ISBN : 978-1-118-41392-0
1224 pages
January 2014, ©2014
Jespersen Web Site

Table of Contents-Jespersen

Module 4ii:
8. The Basics of Chemical Bonding
M-4ii Grading Outline

Module 4iii:
9. Theories of Bonding and Structure
M-4iii Grading Outline

Module 16:
22. Organic Compounds, Polymers,
       and Biochemicals
M-16 Grading Outline

Module 7ii:
11. Liquids, Solids, and Intermolecular Forces
M-7ii Grading Outline

Module 8ii:
12. Mixtures at the Molecular Level:
Properties of Solutions
M-8ii Grading Outline

Module 9:
13. Chemical Kinetics
M-9 Grading Outline

Module 10:
14. Chemical Equilibrium
M-10 Grading Outline

Module 11i:
15. Acids and Bases, A Molecular Look
M-11i Grading Outline

Module 11ii:
16. Acid–Base Equilibria in Aqueous Solutions
M-11ii Grading Outline

Module 12:
17. Solubility and Simultaneous Equilibria
M-12 Grading Outline

Module 13:
18. Thermodynamics
M-13 Grading Outline

Module 14:
19. Electrochemistry
M-14 Grading Outline

Module 15:
20. Nuclear Reactions and Their Role in Chemistry

Alternate Wiley Plus Assignments

Course Road Map

Spring 2015 Grading Outline
(Jesperrsen 7th/McMurry 6th)

Video Menus:
Brightstorm Total Menu:

Khanacademy Chemistry Menu:

Georgia PBS Chemistry & Physics Menu:

Education Portal Chemistry Video Menu:

Sophia Chemistry Menu:

ChemFlicks Video Menu:

Alternate/Old Textbook
at North Campus:

McMurry/Fay 6th Edition (looseleaf)
Cost $117.50
New in North Campus Bookstore
McMurry Textbook Cover
Road Map:
Summer 2014 Grading Outline

Table of Contents

Module 4ii: Homework Packet
7. Covalent Bonds and Molecular Structure

Module 16:(M-4iii:Homework Packet
23. Organic and Biological Chemistry

Nodule 7ii: Homework Packet
10. Liquids, Solids, and Phase Changes

Modude 8ii: Homework Packet
11. Solutions and Their Properties

Module 9: Homework Packet
12. Chemical Kinetics

Module 10: Homework Packet
13. Chemical Equilibrium

Module 11: Homework Packet
14. Aqueous Equilibria: Acids and Bases.

Module 12: Homework Packet
15. Applications of Aqueous Equilibria

Module 13: Homework Packet
16. Thermodynamics: Entropy, Free Energy, and Equilibrium

Module 14: Homework Packet
17. Electrochemistry
17. REDOX Review:
                Homework Packet

Module 15:
22. Nuclear Chemistry

Optional Online Homework
MasteringChemistry for Chemistry,
6/EMcMurry & Fay

ISBN-10: 0321729919
ISBN-13: 9780321729910©2012
purchase price: $66.00
Optional e-Text & Online Homework
MasteringChemistry with Pearson eText
- Instant Access - for Chemistry,

6/EMcMurry & Fay
ISBN-10: 0321723449
ISBN-13: 9780321723444©2012
Electronic Package,
1080 pp
purchase price: $110.00
Solutions Manual for Chemistry,
6/EMcMurry, Fay & Topich
ISBN-10: 0321723368
ISBN-13: 9780321723369©2012
Paper, 744 pp

Alternate Textbook: Burge Text Cover: Atoms First and Link to McGraww-Hill Burge Web Site

Fall 2012 Grading Outline
update 10/16/12

Chemistry: Atoms First

Table Contents

Module 4i & M4ii:
Chapter 5: Ionic and Covalent Compounds

Chapter 6: Representing Molecules

Chapter 7: Molecular Geometry and Bonding Theories

Module 7ii
Chapter 12: Intermolecular Forces and the Physical Properties of Condensed Phases

Module 8ii
Chapter 13: Physical Properties of Solutions

Module 9
Chapter 14: Chemical Kinetics

Module 10
Chapter 15: Chemical Equilibrium

Module 11
Chapter 16: Acids and Bases

Module 12
Acid-Base Equilibrium and
Solubility Equilibria

Module 13
Entropy, Free Energy, and Equilibrium

Module 14

Module 15
Nuclear Chemistry

Module 16
Organic Chemistry

2045 Burge PowerPoint Menu

2046 Burge PowerPoint Menu

Alternate Textbook:
Chemistry: A Molecular Approach
2/ENivaldo J. Tro,
Westmont College
ISBN-10: 0321706153
ISBN-13: 9780321706157©2011
Prentice Hall
Cloth Bound 1232 pp
Published 01/03/2010

Table of Contents
Chapter 9:
Chemical Bonding I:
Lewis Theory

Chapter 10:
Chemical Bonding II:
Molecular Shapes, Valence Bond Theory, and Molecular Orbital Theory

Chapter 11:
Liquids, Solids, and Intermolecular Forces

Chapter 12:

Chapter 13:
Chemical Kinetics

Chapter 14:
Chemical Equilibrium

Chapter 15:
Acids and Bases

Chapter 16:
Aqueous Ionic Equilibrium

Chapter 17:
Free Energy and Thermodynamics

Chapter 18:

Chapter 19:
Radioactivity and Nuclear Chemistry

Chapter 20:
Organic Chemistry

McMurray Text Cover
McMurry 5th Fall 2010
Grading Outline

Full Solutions Manual
McMurray 5/E © 2008
Prentice Hall
ISBN-10: 0131745190
(Not in Bookstore)

Table of Contents for
CHM 2046C:

11. Solutions and Their Properties
12. Chemical Kinetics
13. Chemical Equilibrium
14. Aqueous Equilibria:
       Acids and Bases
15. Applications of Aqueous
16. Thermodynamics: Entropy,
       Free Energy, and Equilibrium
17. Electrochemistry
22. Nuclear Chemistry
23. Organic Chemistry
24. Biochemistry

Companion Website:
McMurray 5e

McMurray Text Cover McMurry 5th Edition
Interactive Multiple Choice Quizzes

Old Text Web Site Active:
4th Edition McMurry testbook cover
McMurry 4th
Companion Website:
Multiple Choice Quizzes

Old 2046 Text from Fall 2008: Kotz 6th Edition Text Cover
Fall 2008 Grading
Outline Kotz

Kotz 5th ed.Power Points

Web Pages Below Under Construction

Online Old Textbook Web Sites

Online Multiple Choice
   (from Other Older textbooks)
Hill & Petrucci 4th
Tro 1st
Bruice & Averill

Quiz Menu Page (Very Old Site)

Text Outline

Module 4ii/4iii: (Jes8/9)

4b: Dot Structures
Drag & Drop

Study Guide:
VSEPR/Steric #

Module 4ii (Jes8/9)
3D 6 7 Chemcal Bonding:

(XP Streaming Video)
(.wmv Streaming Video)

XP-Periodic Table Movie
wmv file-Periodic Table Movie

Polarity Movie (Streaming Video)
.rl real video file: Polarity Movie (Streaming Video)

Chapter 9 Movies:
Kotz Chapter 9 Movies

Online Dot Structures

NaCl Crystal Structure
Diamond Structure
Graphite Structure
Gain & Loss of e1-
H2 Bond Formation
Dissolution of NaCl

Periodic Trends in Electronegativity
Electronegativity & Bonds
Electron Dot Structures

Chapter 3 Interactive
Ionic Compound Activity
Naming Ionic Compounds

Module 4ii: (Jes 8/9)

Kotz Chapter 10 Movies

Chapter 6 Video (B)
Chapter 7 Video (B)

Steric Number Notes
Molecular Polarity Demo
H2O: Bent Structure
CO2: Linear Structure
NO21-: t-Bent Structure
CH4: Tetrahedronal Structure
BF3: Trigonal Planer
NH3: Trigonal Pyramidal

Construct Lewis Dot

PBS World of Chemistry Video
Watch Episodes:
#8: The Chemical Bond
#9: Molecular Architecture

Module 7ii: (Jes11)

Phase Diagram Movie

Kotz 6e PowerPoint
Chapter 13 .htm .ppt

Module 8ii: (Jes12)
Kotz 6e PowerPoint
Chapter 14 .htm .ppt

McMurray Chapter 11: (Jes12)
ph_ch011 Power Point

Kotz Movies:
Chapter 9 Movies (Mcm7)(jes8)
Chapter 10 Movies (McM 7)(Jes9)
Chapter 11 Movies (McM 23)(Jes22)
Chapter 13 Movies (McM 10)(Jes11)
Chapter 14 Movies (McM 11)(Jes12)
Chapter 15 Movies (McM 12)(Jes13)
Chapter 16 Movies (McM 13)(Jes14)
Chapter 17 Movies (McM 14)(Jes16)
Chapter 18 Movies (McM 15)(Jes17)
Chapter 19 Movies (McM 16)(Jes18)
Chapter 20 Movies (McM 17)(Jes19)

Atoms First Solutions

Module 7ii:
Chapter 12: Solutions .doc
Module 8ii:
Chapter 13: Solutions .doc
Module 9:
Chapter 14: Solutions .doc
Kotz 6e PowerPoint
Chapter 15 .htm .ppt
Module 10:
Chapter 15: Solutions .doc
Module 11:
Chapter 16: Solutions .doc
Module 12:
Chapter 17: Solutions .doc
Module 13:
Chapter 18: Solutions .doc
Module 14:
Chapter 19: Solutions .doc
Module 15:
Chapter 20: Solutions .doc

Module 16 :
Oxidation Alcohols Lesson
Neuron Plug-in Required

Isomers (Real Player)

Isomerism Movie



Active Learning
Learning Styles

CHM 2046C 
General Chemistry II
Home Page

periodic chart    
Phase Diagram for Carbon Dioxide Profession Periodic Table Periodic Table
Ultimate Periodic Table Menu
Chemicool Periodic Table
Visual Periodic Table

Search Google for:

Online Calculator Tools

Online CHEMiCalc (Bert Ramsay)

Temperature Calculator (Taylor)

Temperature Calculator (with Merlin-XP)

Unit Analysis Calculator (Taylor)
(Goggle Ranks 4th among Dimensional Analysis Calculators)

Fast Easy Unit Converterr (Lenntech Corp)

OnLine Unit Analysis Calculator

Module 8ii: Solutions II (Jes12)

Chapter 11 McMury Key Terms

Kotz Movies

McMurray Chapter 11: (Jes 12)
ph_ch011 Power Point

Module 9: Chemical Kinetics (Jes13)

Chapter 12 McMury Key Terms

Kotz Movies

McMurray Chapter 12:
Arrhenius Equation Activity
Bimolecular Reaction
Catalyst Movie
Decomposition of N2O5
Equilibrium Constant Expressions
First Order Process
Second Order Process
Integrated Rate Law
Surface Reaction-Hydrogenation

Module 10: Chemical Equilibrium (Jes 14)
Kotz Movies

Module 12: Buffers/Solubility (Jes 16/17)
Kotz Chapter 18 Movies

Module 13: Thermodynamics II (Jes 18)
Kotz Chapter 19 Movies
Air Bag Movie
Change of State Movie
Nitrogen Triiodide Movie
Thermite Movie
Enthalpy and Probabilility Flash
Entropy and Temperature Flash
Free Energy and Chemical Equilibrium
Spontaneous Process
Spontaneous Process Activity

Module 14: Electrochemistry (Jes 19)
Kotz Chapter 20 Movies
Copper Zinc Cell Movie
Corrosion Activity (Flash)
Electrolysis Activity (Shockwave)
Electrolysis of Water Movie
Electroplating Movie
Equilibrium Coinstant Activity (Flash)
Galvanic Cell Activity (Flash)
Nernst ERquation Activity (Shockwave)
Oxidation Reduction Reactions Movie
Quantitative Electrolysis
REDOX Iron-Copper Movie
Galvanic Cell Shorthand Notation (Flash)
Standard Reduction Potentials Movie
Zinc-Hydrogen Cell Movie

REDOX: (Module 11i)

REDOX Challenge Contest

Part W: Rewriting Equations Ionically Sect 4.8 (Jes)
Answers to NonRedox

Write Net Ionic Reactions

Acid Media Unbalanced REDOX Answers
Basic Media Unbalanced REDOX Answers

Good Video: Rewrite Net Ionic Equations
(by Brightstorm)

Part R: Balancing REDOX Equations Section 5.2 (Jes)
ANSWERS to Sample Test

REDOX Study Guide (WORD Document)
Download .doc file

REDOX Study Guide (CSS Web Site) (Spring 2010)

REDOX Study Guide (CSS Web Site)

Oil Rig Mnemonic

Summary Taylor's Ion Electron 10 Steps

Review Jespersen's Power Point on Section 5.2:

Download and Watch Jespersen 5.2:

Summary Jespersen 7 steps Ion Electron Method

Common Oxidizing and Reducing Agents

207th 2YC3 REDOX Challenge Contest
October 2014 - Student Division

FSCJ REDOX Challenege Contest

REDOX Challenge Contest

Pre/Post Lab Homework

Acid Media Equations*(No Answers)

Basic Media Equation*(No Answers)

Neutral Media Equations*(No Answers)

Advanced Equations (No Answers)
Advanced Equations (with Mother/Ulimate)

Bonus Challenge Equations
(Download WORD file .doc)!

The Ulimate Equation
Download WORD file .doc

PBS World of Chemistry Video
Watch Episodes:
#15: The Busy Electron

2011 2YC3 Conference: REDOX Challenege Contest ppt

2YC3 REDOX Challenege Contest Abstract (2011)

Good REDOX Videos

REDOX Study Guide

Download Word File:

REDOX Contest: PreLab Report

Spring 2009 REDOX Contest

ACS Journal Articles
               Download pdf files

Ask the Historian: Balancing Redox Equations
(Jensen 2009)      

REDOX Challenges: Good Times for Puzzle Fanatics
(Stout 1995)    
Chemical Principles Reisited:
      More on Balancing REDOX Equations (Kolb 1979)

REDOX: On Balancing REDOX Challenges
(Ludwig 1996)    

Mathematical Linear Equations Method (The Ulimate):
Balancing REDOX without Puzzling (Hoor 1997)

Letters: REDOX Challenges (Nelson 1997)

Letters: REDOX Challenges Author Answers
(Stout 1996)             

Module 15:
Nuclear Chemistry
Kotz Movies (not posted 8/7/09)
Carbon Isotope Activity (Flash)
Nuclear Decay Series Activity (Flash)
First Order Process Activity (Flash)
Half Life Activity (Flash)
Nuclear Power Plant Diagram (Flash)
Nuclear Stability (Flash)
Radioactive Decay Activity (Shockwave & Java Applet)
Separation of Rays Movie

ToolBook Movies:
Chain Reaction Movie
Half Life Movie
Nuclear Fission Movie
Nuclear Medicine
Nuclear Power Movie
Radioactivity Movie

Module 16:

Organic Chemistry
Hydrocarbon Flow Chart
Kotz Movies (not posted 8/7/09)
Addition Reaction Activity (Flas)
Aspartane Activity (Flash)
Boiling Point Activity (Shockwave)
Carbon Hybrid Activity (Flash)
Cis-Trans Isomerism Activity (Flash)
Surface Reaction Hydrogenation Movie
Synthesis of Nylon Movie
Unsaturated Hydrocarbons Movie

Hydrocarbon Derivatives

3-D Molecular Models:
2-Propanol (Isopropyl Alacohol)   Acetamide (Ethanamide)   Acetic Acid (Ethanoic Acid)   Benzene   Benzene   Butane   Cyclobutane   cis-2-Butene   Cyclopropane   Cyclopentane   Cyclohexane   Diethyl Ether (Ethoxyethane)   Dimethyl Ether (methoxymethane)   2-Propanol   2-Propanol   Dimethyl ketone (2-propanone)   Dimethyl Ketone 2 (2Propanone)   Ethanal   Ethane   Rthyl Acetate (Ethyl Ethanoate)   Ethyl Amine (Aminoethane)   Ethyne   Acetylene (Ethyne)   n-pentane   neopentane (2,2-Dimethyl propane)   Polystyrene
Styrene Monomer
trans 2-butene
More Hydrocarbon Derivatives

More Module 16 (Chapter 19)

Hexane Isomers (Requires Real Player)
Hexane Isomers

Alkane Prefixes: Count to Ten in Organic
Alkane Series
Alkyl Groups C1-C8
All Possible Alkyl Groups C1-C4

Worked Example: Naming Alkanes
Naming Alkanes-Page 2
Naming Alkanes-Page 3
Naming Alkanes-Page 4
Naming Alkanes-Page 5

Worked Example: Naming Alkenes
Naming Alkenes-Page 2
Naming Alkanes-Page 3

Isomer Number Problems
Three Pentane Isomers
Writing Isomers 1
Writing Isomers 2

0o; 1o; 2o; 3o; 4o Carbon Atoms
Methyl/Primary Carbon Atoms
Secondary Carbon Atom
Tertiary Carbon Atoms
Neo Carbon Atoms
Summary Class of Carbon Atoms

Interactive Drawing Program:
Link to Molecular Drawing Program
2D Models: Lewis & Stick-Ball 3D Molecular Modeling with MarvinSketch
Download: J2SE(TM) Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 9

PBS World of Chemistry Video
Watch Episodes:
#21: Carbon
#22: The Age of Polymers
#23: Proteins: Structure and Function
#24: The Genetic Code

Module 11: 
Acids and Bases
Kotz Movies

Sample Module 11 Exam
Download Word File: .doc

Acid-Base Lecture Notes
Download Word File: .doc

Acid-Base PowerPoint-Kotz
Download PowerPoint file .ppt

Lewis Acids PowerPoint-Kotz
Download PowerPoint file .ppt

Acids and Bases PowerPoint-Corwin (no text)
Acids and Bases PowerPoint-Corwin(with text)
Download PowerPoint file .ppt

Water and Solutions PowerPoint-Tillery

Ionization of HNO3 in Water Movie
Ionization of Water Movie
Hydronium Ions vs pH Movie
Ionization of NH3 in Water
Reaction HF + NH3 Movie

Introduction to Aqueous Acids movie
Introduction to Aqueous Bases movie

Electrolytes and Nonelectrolytes movie

Acid-Base Titration movie
Natural Indicators movie
Sodium and Potassium in Water movie
Strong and Weak Electrolytes movie

Ionic Solubility Shockwave
Acid Base Titration Shockwave
PH of solutions Shockwave

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