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5th Edition

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Kotz Chapter 9 (7m)
Chapter 9: Covalent Bonding
Chapter 9: VSEPR
Chapter 9: Bonding Properties
Chapter 9: Bond Energies
Chapter 9: Polarity

Kotz Chapter 10 (7m)
Chapter 10: Hybrid Orbitals
Chapter 10: Molecular Orbitals
Chapter 10: Solids

Kotz Chapter 11 (23m)(23H)
Organic Chemistry
Corwin-Chapter 19 Organic
Hein-Chapter 19 Organic Dennison-Chapter 11 Hydrocarbons

Biochemistry (24m)(24H)

Kotz Chapter 13 (10m)
Metallic & Ionic Solids
Solids: Cell Type
Phase Diagrams

Kotz Chapter 14 (11m) (11H)

Kotz Chapter 15 (12m) (12H)
Chemical Kinetics
Kinetics 2: Mechanisms

CHM 2046C
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Kotz Chapter 16 (13m) (13H)
Chemical Equilibria
Chemical Equilibrium
Equilibrium 2: LeChateleir's Principle

Kotz Chapter 17 (14m) (14H)
Acid-Base Equilibrium
Chemistry of Acids and Bases
Lewis Bases

Kotz Chapter 18 (15m) (15H)
Buffers & Solubility
Acid-Base/pH Titrations
Precipitation Reactions and Ksp

Buffers Presentations

Kotz Chapter 19 (16m)(16H)
Thermodynamics II
Entrophy and Free Energy
Gibbs Free Energy

Kotz Chapter 20 (17m)(17H)
Intro to Electrochemistry (ppt)
Balancing REDOX (ppt)
Cell Basics (ppt)
Cell Potential E (ppt)
Batteries (ppt)
Electrolysis (ppt)
Quantative Aspects of Electrochemistry (ppt)

Kotz Chapter 23 (22m)(22H)
Nuclear Chemistry
Nuclear Chemistry-Origin of the Elements
Revised Files

Module 4 Part II Bonding (7m)

Kotz Chapter 9: Bonding 1 (7m)

Kotz Chapter 9: Bonding Properties (7m)

Kotz Chapter 9: Polarity (7m)

Kotz Chapter 9: VSEPR (7m)

Kotz Chapter 10: Hybrids Orbitals (7m)

Kotz Chapter 10: Images (7m)
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