CHM 2046C Module 11 Chapter 17 Sample Exam

Part G: Common Ion Solution Calculations       10 points

A solution is prepared that is 1.50M HCOOH formic acid, 2.0 M Sodium formate


HCOOH          +     HOH       <=====>      H3O 1+ (aq)    +    HCOO 1- (aq)


HCOONa        +      HOH       <=====>      Na 1+ (aq)    +    HCOO 1- (aq)


What is the pH of the formic acid before adding the Sodium formate?







What is the pH of Sodium format solution?










 What is the pH of the solution of formic acid and  the sodium formate if in each case the volumes of the separate solutions are the same as the volume of the mixture with the concentrations that are listed above.