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Spring 2008 Grading Outline

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Chapter 1 (Review)

Electron Configuration Review
Atomic Orbitals Movie (11-min)

e1-Configuration Intro
e-1 conf (Online)

Download Neuron 2004
e-1 Config Sequence Demo
(requires neuron 2004)
e-1 Configuration
(requires neuron 2004)

Dot/Stick Structure Review
Electron Dot Atoms
Electron Dot AtomsII
Electron Dot Structures
Interactive Dot Structures Menu

Steric Number Notes
H2O: Bent Structure
CO2: Linear Structure
NO21-: Bent Structure
CH4: Tetrahedronal Structure
BF3: Trigonal Planer
NH3: Trigonal Pyramidal

11 Minute VSEPR Movie

Hybrid Orbitals Review
sp3 hybrid orbital formation movie
CH4 Hybrid Movie
H2 Bond Formation

Sigma Bonds Between Hydrogen 1s and C sp3 Hybrid Orbitals in Methane

Sigma Bonds in Ethene from Carbon Hybrid Orbitals

Pi Bonding Orbital in Ethene
Sigma and Pi Bonds in Ethene

Hybrid Orbital Slideshow

Chapter 2 (Review)

Periodic Trends in Electronegativity
(Quick Time Movie)

Electronegativity & Bonds
Molecular Polarity Demo
(Quick Time Movie)

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Chapter 13

Oxidation of Alcohols

Chapter 14

Aldol Condensation

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