CHM 2210C Exam #1            Name: __Answers___________


Chapter 3 Part C: Structural Isomer Number Problem:

Alkanes, Alkyl halides, and Cycloalkanes   20 points


Draw the structural or semi-structural formulas for all the isomers of the following chemical formula, then give the IUPAC name for each:


#8 C5H10  C7H7Br2  7 aromatic dibromo-toluenes


CHM 1020 (Hill Text): Chapter 9 p248,

CHM 1025C (Corwin text): Chapter 19.6 p 550

CHM 2045C/CHM2046C (Kotz text): Chapter 11 p486

CHM 2210C (McMurry text): Chapter 3 p87, 90-91(see Problem 3.33, 3.34)