CHM 2210C Chapter 1 Sample test        Name: ____Answers_______


Part B Dot Structures of Molecules          20 points


Using a periodic chart draw the electron dot structures of the following molecules:

(Choose One for each question or the one circled on the paper)


You may practice your drawing by dragging and dropping the atoms on the Internet at:


1.  NH3   CH4    H2O2     H2O            2.      H2SO4   H3PO4   HCl   HClO

Ammonia                                                                              Sulfuric Acid

Methane                                                                                Phosphoric Acid

hydrogen peroxide                                                             Perchloric Acid

water                                                                                     Chloric Acid






3.     HNO3   H2CO3  HNO2                4.      CO2    HCN    SO2   SO3  

Nitric Acid                                                                             Carbon Dioxide

Carbonic Acid                                                                      Hydrogen Cyanide

Nitrous Acid                                                                         Silicon Dioxide

                                                                                                Sulfur Trioxide





5.   HC2H3O2     H2C2O4          HCHO2        6.      C2H4    C2H2   C3H8   C2H6

       carbon to carbon by single covalent bond

Acetic Acid                                                                           Ethylene

Oxalic Acid                                                                           Acetylene

Formic Acid                                                                          Propane







7.    CH2O   CH3COCH3  CH3CH2OH                            8.  CH3OCH3     CHONH2                             


7. Formaldehyde




8. Dimethyl Ether


   Ethyl Acetate


9. CH2NH2COOH                                          10. CH3COOCH2CH3