CHM 2210C Chapter 1  Sample Exam                  Name:_____Answers_____


Module Four- Part D: Geometry of Molecules      10 points

Use the dot/stick structures on the Part L page to state the geometry of the molecules:

Steric # = 2, 3, or 4

Bent      Linear      Trigonal Planer  Planer    Trigonal Pyramidal      Tetrahedral

Steric # 5 or 6 

Trigonal-bipyramidal      Square Planer     Seesaw      T-shaped    Octahedral



____Bent___1.  H2O



____Linear__2.  CO2



____planer__3.  C2H4


____bent___4.  SO2



_trigonal planer__5.  SO3



_linear_________6.  HCN



_tetrahedral_____7.  CH4



trigonal pyramidal_8.  NH3



_trigonal planer__9.  CH2O



___linear_________10. C2H2


trigonal-bipyramidal_Bonus. PF5                      

 octahedral ________Bonus  SF6