CHM 2210C Chapter 2 Part D Sample Exam††††††††††††††††

Chapter 2 Part D: Rules of Resonance††††† 5 points


From Chapter 2 write the five rules of resonance listed in section 2.5:


1. Individual resonance forms are imaginary not real. The Real structure is a composite. Or resonance hybrid of different forms.




2. Resonance forms differ only in the placement of their πor non bonding electrons. Neither the position nor the hybridization of any atom changes from one resonance form to another





3. Different resonance forms of a substance donít have to be equivalent. When two resonance forms are nonequivalent, the actual structure of the resonance hybrid is closer to the more stable form than to the less stable form.





4. Resonance forms must be valid Lewis structures and obey normal rules of valency. A resonance form is like any other structure: The octet rules still applies.




5. The resonance hybrid is more stable than any individual resonance form. Resonance leads to stability. Generally speaking, the larger the number of resonance forms, the more stable a substance is.