CHM 2210C Exam #1           Name: __Sample test and Answers______


Chapter 3 Part C: Structural Isomer Number Problem:

Alkanes, Alkyl halides, and Cycloalkanes   20 points


Draw the structural or semi-structural formulas for all the isomers of the following chemical formulas, then give the IUPAC name for each:


(your instructor will tell you which problems to do, or do the ones circled on your paper)


  C5H12  and C4H10   5 total isomers;        C6H14   5 isomers;  Answers    


C4H9Br  4 isomers;  Answers                  C3H6Br2   4 isomers; Answers


 C5H10  5 isomers (cycloalkanes only);    C5H10  5 isomers (alkenes only)    


C6H4Br2  3 aromatic isomers  Answers   C7H7Br2  6 dibromtouene isomers