CHM 2211C Chapter 11 Sample           Name: ____________________   


Chapter 11 Part M_2: Sn2 Mechanism of Alkyl halides   10 points


The Sn2 Reaction takes place in a single step:

What product would you expect to obtain from Sn2 reaction of OH1- with

(R)-2-bromobutane? Show the  stereochemistry of the reactant, the transition state and the product?

     (See Figure 11.3 on Page 348)



















Arrange the following in order of less Sn2 reactive to more Sn2 reactive for the following and draw the structure:

Methyl bromide, Ethyl Bromide, isopropyl bromide, Tert-butyl bromide, neopentyl bromide, Vinyl bromide, Phenyl bromide.









Are any of the above Non-reactive via Sn2?