CHM 2211 Chapter 14 Pretest#1  Name: _______________


Chapter 14: Conjugated Dienes


Part C: Isomers of Dienes  10 Points

Draw at least 10 different diene isomers of formule  C6H10


Label each as:   A. Adjacent    B. Conjugated     C. Isolated   Dienes


How many total different dienes have this formula?

(You may do as many as you can)



Hexadiene   six isomers  two conjugated


2methyl pentadiene  five isomers  two conjugated


3 methyl pentadiene four isomers  three conjugated


2,3-dimethylbutadiene  one isomers one conjugated


2,3-dimethylbutadiene  zero isomers


16 isomers and only eight conjugated


Here’s another for Practice:

C8H12 dienes which also  have a point of unsaturation which has to be a cyclohexane (do not make three, four five member rings which are also possible). Some we need help with naming as discussed in class which may be a methenyl or ethenyl radical – if that is the proper way to name a double bound coming from the ring to a branch