ESC 1000 Introduction to Earth Science   Name:__________

Chapter 11 Part L: Labeling Diagrams         17 points

Match the following to the image:


Image1: Complete this chart by choosing the best answer to mark the times of appearance and abundance of major groups of organisms.


____ 1.  Amphibians 

____ 2.  Flowering plants

____ 3.  Reptiles


Image 2: Identify the indicated division of geologic time by selecting the correct response from the list provided:



______4. Jurassic


______5. Mississippian


______6. Ordovician


______7. Paleozoic


______8. Phanerozoic


______9. Quaternary






Image 3: Place the lettered geologic features in their proper order of occurrence.




_____10. Youngest


_____11. Second Youngest


_____12. Third Oldest


_____13. Second Oldest







Image 4: Correctly match the common types of radioactive decay with the proper sequence.



____15. Alpha Emission




____16. Beta Emission




____17. Electron capture